Evony: Choosing a strong alliance

I have found that overall, most alliances suck. The safest alliances tend to be the large alliances however some of them aren't really that good either.  Here's how to choose the best alliance to be in.

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First, check the amount of prestige they are in.  If their prestige is low, it means that overall, they don't have a lot of troops.  You need troops to defend, so a low prestige alliance isn't what you want.

Next check their prestige requirements.  Do they bring anyone in, or do they require 10k prestige, or more? Any prestige, usually means that they are a new alliance, full of noobs.  You won't learn anything new from them, and once you get into a war, you will lose.

If they require 10k prestige, it's pretty much the same thing, a noob alliance with a requirement that you played a couple weeks.

Essentially what you want is an alliance that requires 100k or more prestige.  The more prestige the better.  The more prestige, the stronger their alliance.  If an alliance requires 250k prestige, that's going to be a strong alliance, and might be worth a move.

Another way to check the alliance is to see who is around you on the map.  Look for rank 9 and rank 10 cities nearby.  Once you find a few, see which alliances they are in.  If you find a common denominator, then search for them on the alliance list, and see what their requirements are.

If you find an alliance you might want to join, make sure to contact them, by writing them.  Doing so will take you off the daily farm list, and allow you to gain enough prestige to join.

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Make sure to check them out more thoroughly.  Check out their website, check out what else they have to offer, see if they are a good fit for you. See if they have guides (post them here), and what other resources or help do they offer?

Another good indication on how good they might be, is to watch the chatter. Do they offer advice, tell you how to better yourself, do they send you supplies (advice and helping defend are better then supplies).

If not, ask for them to kick you.  Sure, you can leave, but you will lose some of your prestige.  This way you have a strong prestige, making it easier to join a different alliance. The alliance might not want to kick you, at which point you will have to quit th alliance. Of course if they are a weak alliance I wouldn't expect retaliation... a strong one might however send troops at you. This is where it might be a good idea to teleport to a new location, or quickly join another alliance.

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