Evony: Confound attackers

It's happened, you know you can't beat the hordes of enemies approaching.  The best thing you can do is hide your resources, but you just don't the ability to hide it all.  You know your wall defenses will be wiped, you know your town will be looted.  You know you will lose all your defenses inside your city.  What do you do?

First, close your gates.  Open the gates when you are faced with an enemy you know you can beat with your ground troops, like 20k cavalry.  Close them afterwards.  Yes, it will piss them off more, but it's something we need to do.

Next, use all your resources to build more troops. You can make them quickly in waves or do one lump sum.  Don't bother with wall defenses, the enemy will wipe those easily anyways, and we have no control over when to use them.

If you are unbalanced, more wood then iron, or don't have the population to build more troops, sell.  Sell everything you have to get gold.  Take the gold (it's instantaneous delivery), and buy stone.  Buy all the stone you can, at whatever the cost.  What do you do with all the stone? You wait.

Let your city be looted (and pick your attacks with the gates). It won't be long before the enemy gets tired of picking up stone, and only stone.  Sure they can convert the stone to gold, but the sell and buy prices will be different.  Just remember to periodically raise your loyalty, so the enemy can't get your city (not a problem if it's your only city) and of your heroes.  Don't forget to heal your troops as well.  Out of money to heal them? Sell a little stone.

And the most important information... ask your alliance for reinforcements.  Even 5k scouts will help, but of course 200k, would help a lot more.  You will need to allow your embassy to allow alliance troops to be garrisoned within your city.  The size of your embassy determines the amount of armies that can be housed.  More is better.  If you have 4, then you can have 400,000 troops.  For defense, we want archers, swordsmen, and scouts.

This is an original guide/strategy written by Spitt of mmoexploiters.com. Don't be fooled by other sites that only copy everyone elses' posts to their site.

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