Evony: Gathering Medals for Promotion

Unfortunately, one of the hardest thing to do in the game is to gather medals.  Most people in fact buy them - which of course is how Evony makes money.  But using this simple technique, you will be able to more easily gather them.

Assuming for a moment, that you have at least cavalry, there is a simple way to get low level medals.  The easiest way, is to send troops at a level 1 npc town or valley, and repeatedly strike every few minutes.  If the city is right next to you, then you will not have much of a down time between attacks. If it's a valley, you should only strike when it's a level 1-3 valley.  Otherwise you need to wait a week for the valley to be low level again.

The best forces to send in on level 1 valleys are waves of 1000 cavalry.  When I say waves, we are talking about 4-5 sets of cavalry, so having 5k plus cavalry is recommended.

It could take you several hours to get 1, however once you get enough you will be able to raise up your rank to Baronette, allowing you to make more cities.  Once you get Baronette, then you will get the rest more easily, when you start farming for resource off level 4 and 5 npc's. But the thing to remember is to do often, quick wave attacks.

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