Evony: Honor – Good or Bad?

In Evony, there is a general assumption, that honor is a great thing to have.  It makes your enemies think twice about attacking your cities.

Unfortunately, that's not true.  What has always prevented me from attacking someone has been their city forces.  If they have a high amount of prestige, I might not even scout their city, and just leave them alone.

Honor is a BAD thing to have.  If your honor is higher then the enemy you are attacking, then you can only heal 10% of your troops.  On the other hand, if you have less honor, then you can heal 50% if your troops after a battle.

50% of 90k archers is 45k.  10% of 90k archers is 9k.  Which would you rather have, after defending, with more assaults coming in?

Tip: In order to dump your honor, we must build forces, we know we will lose.  So we build warriors and scouts and send them at an enemy, with a research hero. This is a high intelligence hero, with low attack.  We don't attempt to scout, but rather send them into attack.  Against archer towers and archers, we are sure to lose.  This has a secondary effect to also raise your enemy's honor.  So not only do we lose honor, but they raise honor. This is an effective strategy that will be sure to confound your enemies, when you heal 50% and they heal 10%.

14 Responses to Evony: Honor – Good or Bad?

  1. cesar says:

    Very well written text. Clear and objective, helped me to know how to get rid of honor. The mandatory email information shies comments away, though.

  2. Spitt says:

    The email isn’t used for anything other then validation.

    Thank you for the comment though. Always glad to know what readers think about my guides.

  3. Amber says:

    this text has explained things better than any ive read…ive been trying to figure out why some ppl are throwing their scouts at my walls just to be slaughterd,,,now i know theyve been pullin one over on me. Thanks.

  4. Kalimdor says:

    Great guide 🙂 I read about this somewhere, but kinda forgot about the honour issue. This cleared my mind.

  5. beginner says:

    who do you need its 50% or 10%? base on what? or you are just giving an example

  6. Spitt says:

    The figures of 10% and 50% are the amount of troops you are allowed to heal in the rally point after a battle. It’s based on how much honor you have, versus how much your enemy has.

  7. Challenger says:

    Thanks, i was looking for best troops to ditch honor with, scouts bombing warrior spam seems good, a double edged sword 🙂

  8. ali says:

    i think honor is good to have

  9. nick says:

    How much warriors would it take to get rid of 100k honor. Is there a certain amount of honor lost for each warrior?
    on server 140 if that has any effect

  10. Jesse says:

    WOW! thx man very well explain. i’ve been trying to get honor actually until now. didn’t know how much it sucked :D.


  11. Kade Iver says:

    Actually that’s only 50% of the story there bud.

    When reinforcing an alliance member honor is GOOD. You can heal a great deal more troops if your honor is high in that situation.

  12. Grog says:

    She offered her honor,
    He honored her offer,
    And all night long,
    He was on her and off her.

  13. JTR says:

    awesome guide,now i can tell if i want honor or not and i wont get so much honor and try to keep it at 0

  14. Douglas says:

    But it doesn’t always work. When i started, i only got 10% as wounded proportion

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