Evony: How to conquer level 10 Barbarian cities

Why would you want to conquer a level 10 NPC? Well the easiest answer, is to avoid having to build everything yourself. Also, a level 10 NPC, has level 10 buildings. So you won’t need any scripts to get these higher level buildings. Here’s the method to conquering these babies.

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Level 10 NPC Attack method

  1. Make sure you have a level 10 npc within 5 miles of one of your cities so you can easily attack it with minimal losses.
  2. Scout the level 10 npc till you get a level 1-5 hero.. though I try not to settle for anything less than a level 1.
  3. Send a breaking wave of 2k workers, 2k warriors, 2k scouts, 2k pikemen, 2k swordmen and 90k archers. Also send your highest attack hero– it should be no lower than 110 attack. (this method does not use a warensign therefore leaving it for an attack on an actual player)
  4. Follow up this attack within 10-30 seconds of your breaking wave w/ 60k archars and 40k warriors.
  5. Then, right after split up your remaining archers and warriors into attacks of 20k archers and 20k warriors.
  6. After all your attacks hit and come back (they all should get back within 1 minute of each other) keep sending loyalty attacks of first wave containing 60k archers, 40k warriors, and every available wave after that containing 20k archers and 20k warriors.
  7. This method only needs 200k archers and 200k warriors, 2k pikemen, swordsmen, workers, warriors, and scouts to accomplish. It is very easy and you should have no problem taking it.
  8. Remember: losses are normal so dont freak out if you go down 60k archers and 100k warriors when you are done.


I know a lot of people have conquered them and if you have a better method or suggestions feel free to correct me.

Difficulty & Timing

  1. First look around the map for a level 10 flat, or a level 10 barbarian city.
  2. The difficulty of conquering depends on how far away the city you are attacking from, is from the Barbarian city, the CLOSER your city is, the EASIER it is to conquer.
  3. Barbarian cities regenerate 3 loyalty per 6 minutes, an attack with archers from 1 mile away would normally take around 2-3 minutes.
  4. Using 1 hero, it would take 6 minute round trips. Therefore not actually be able to take down the loyalty.
  5. Using 2 heroes, 6 minute round trips, -3 loyalty per 6 minutes, 42/3 = 14 attack until its at 50 loyalty, and then 50/2= 25 attacks till you conquer it. Conquer time: 39 x 6 minutes = 234 minutes
  6. Using 3 heroes, 6 minute round trips, -6 loyalty per 6 minutes, 42/6 = 7 attacks until its at 50 loyalty, and then 50/4 = 13 attacks till you conquer it. Conquer time: 20 x 6 minute = 60 minutes
  7. Lets take distance into account, there is this shiny looking lvl10 Barbarian 10miles away. From memory 10 miles would be around 50 minutes round trip for archers. for sake of this explanation lets say it takes 60 minutes.
  8. The barbarian city would regen 30 loyalty in the 60 minutes time frame, so you would have to send 11 attacks in order to actually take down 3 loyalty per hour.
  9. Also in that 60 minutes time frame it would have gotten back 60% of the troops back meaning if you are doing long range conquers, it would be best if you spread your marches apart instead of having them attack in one bulk.

Know Your Barbarian City


Army size

Archer Only method recommended: 300,000 archers minimum: 250,000 archers. I used: 270,000 archers

  • Pros: Speedy conquer, low tech requirements.
  • Cons: More troop casualties then other methods.

Ballista + Archer method Recommended: 34,000 Ballistas, 150,000 archers Minimum: 8,000 Ballistas, 140,000 archers what i used: 25,000 Ballistas, 150,000 archers

  • Pros: Speedy Capture, small troop casualties
  • Cons: Moderate tech requirements

Ballista Only Method Recommended: 40,000 Ballistas Minimum: 30,000 Ballistas

  • Pros: No troops losses
  • Cons: Very slow conquer, high tech requirements

(*Include various other units like 1 pike and warrior for layering purposes)


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