Evony: Save your resources trick

This is a continuation of the Hiding Resources tips, I wrote before.  It's simply a way I figured out that can make your enemy not be able to get all your resources in one go.  Basically what you do, is convert everything to gold.  Yes, you will lose some to the marketplace anyways, but that's not a big deal.  When the enemy attacks, they will attempt to cart away everything you have.  Since it's likely you already used my resource hiding tips, this will allow you to make it much harder on your enemy.  Suddenly, instead of 1 million wood, you might have 17 million gold.  Which means they would need to cart away repeatedly.  If they are far away, this gives you the time and option to then convert left over resources after the attack and spend them on building back troops, defenses, or buildings.

[Revision] buy stone instead.  Instead of 1 million wood, it could become 90 million stone (price dependent on server), which is even worse for them then gold

This is an original exploit/tip by Spitt of mmoexploiters.  Don't be fooled by other sites that only copy everyone elses' posts to their site.

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