Evony: Understanding Chain of Command

How the Chain of Command works in a running Alliance

Officers help manage alliances and provide a chain of command, even when the host is not in Evony. Promoting your members is critical to keeping a healthy alliance.

There are five ranks :

  • Member
  • Officer (first manager level)
  • Presbyter (3rd from the top)
  • Vice Host (second in command)
  • Host (top dog)

Master Evony

Master Evony, the easy way

Evony Ranks and Actions Summary:

Member (up to 99)

Every new alliance recruit starts as a member. A member can't do anything special in the alliance, other than speak in alliance chat or quit! An alliance can have up to 99 members (host + member = 100).

  • Quit alliance
  • Chat in Alliance Chat

Officer (up to 10)

Officers are the first special rank in an alliance and can invite members, accept pending applications and accept resignations (kick people to prevent loss of prestige).An alliance can have up to 10 officers.

  • Invite members
  • Accept pending applications
  • Accept resignations

Presbyter (up to 5)

A presbyter manages the officers and can change the rank of any member up to Presbyter. An alliance can have up to 5 presbyters.

  • Change member permission upto Presbyter
  • Expel members

Vice Host (up to 2)

A vice host is the second-in-command and can do everything the host can, including expel members, change alliance introduction messages, change the rank of any member up to Vice Host, control diplomacy with other alliances (friendly, neutral, war) and send group messages. An alliance can have upto 2 vice hosts.

  • Change alliance introduction messages
  • Change member permission up to Vice Host
  • Control diplomacy with other alliances (friendly, neutral, war)
  • Send group messages

Host (only 1)

The host's only unique ability over Vice Host is to relinquish his title and assign another host! An alliance can have only 1 host.

  • Relinquish host

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