Fallen Earth: Fastest way to level

I recently decided to try the 10 day trial of Fallen Earth.  I had been in the beta, and was unimpressed. In fact, there wasn't much change to my impressions.  Though I did appreciate the GM's being on constantly to help answer questions or moderate the chat.

To level the fastest in Fallen Earth, I found that doing quests is not fast.  Part of the reason it's not fast, is that the game world is so large, and running, even on horseback, takes a while to get to and from each quest area.  The fastest way to level, is in fact to simply find a good spot with fast respawns, and to grind level.  I found that melee fighters are the best, as they don't have to worry about running out of ammo and crafting.

I do recommend having First Aid, and making bandages.  Fight humanoids and zombies for their cloth drops, and while fighting, have a continuous supply of bandages being made.  In a lull you can complete the bandages.

The best spots that I personally found were inside the nearby mines/dungeons.

Tip: You should always do the starter quests for new alts, to get your free mount.

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  1. Greg says:

    I likes this method, but its not really fun. I level up by starting crafting a shitload. it gets extremely boring. but the awesome part is when u make a huge amount of zip gun ammo to up your balistic craft level. It is good to have a loadout like this at the start: dual lawnmower blades, sportmans slugthrower, and dual GA-15s, and 20 ragged bandages, level 9, in kingsman. I dont give a fuck when im out of ammo (except at rest stop lol) beat some thugs, and toughs, but no war weakened raiders. no goons either, theyre not worth the effort. especially helping clanmates with bullshit quests. They allways help u in return. I started the game in midway, beating blade dancers and mining copper, doing small distance quests to buy parts to make the sportsmans slugthrower. when helping a clanmate, act as if you are poor, but extremely helpfull.

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