FFXI: Complete Cooking guide

In Final Fantasy XI (FFXI), players who take up Cooking are able to create various types of food and drinks that restore HP and/or mana, or even provide various stat bonuses.

A lot of the supplies you need for Cooking can be purchased from guild merchant or from other players for FFXI Gil, so you might want to buy FFXI Gil to ensure that you have enough funds for your crafting materials.

Cooking Ranks and Tests

To start your career in Cooking, go to the upper level of the primary Cooking Guild in Windurst Woods (G-12) and speak to Guildmaster Piketo-Puketo. You will then become a member of the Cooking Guild with the rank Amateur.

To advance your rank in Cooking, you have to speak to Piketo-Puketo and complete the tests she gives you. These tests will require you to craft specific items.

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