FFXIV: Fishing Tutorial with Video

written by Blayde707

To fish you must obtain the right equipment. The You must buy a Fishing Rod, a Lure AND bait. There are several different kinds of bait to get, read their description to see which one to choose depending on the location in which you are going to fish. Fishing rod goes in main hand, lure in off hand and bait in the “pack” slot. Now your ready to head out an fish. Find an area with water and select Fish from your main menu to begin.

The first thing you will get to do is choose your depth. This will determine the type of fish you catch. Try different levels to find which fish you would like to catch. If you Don’t get any bites at a certain depth then change it.

When you do catch something you will see “You feel a nibble” or “You feel a bite”. If you get a nibble I found it best to select the wait option until you get an actual bite.
Now when you get a bite select “jig”. A new “cast” bar will come up. This bar has a moving dot, you press enter when the dot gets to the position you want your rod to be in. There seems to be one sweet spot on this bar, and you only have a few chances to hit it. I find most the time you have to hit the sweet spot at least twice to catch a fish.

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To find the sweet spot i first try to get my dot between the left end of the cast bar and the dead middle of it. When you do this you will get a message such as “The fish is taking the line” “You take in some line” “The fish is tired but you cannot reel it in” or something similar. If the fish is taking the line, then your not close to the sweet spot. When I get this message I try the spot between the right end and the dead center of the bar. When you begin to get messages like you take in some line, or the fish is tired then you are either close or on the spot. If you are ON the spot you will see the tip of your rod glow and a little chime will play. If the glowing and the chime happen then you want to hit that exact spot again as many times as it takes to catch the fish. If you don’t get the chime, but get something like “you take in some line” then that means your close to the sweet spot. Try getting the dot a little to the left or to the right of the previous dot.

The fisher also has a couplle of abilities that let you find fish. “Gulleye” will let you find fish within the area and will tell you which direction to head in. “Dowse” will find all the fish in a much larger area and tell you which directions to go in. If the only spot is far away this ability will also increase your movement speed for a short period of time.

Please watch this video in HD to see all of this in action. You can turn off the annotations on the right bottom corner of the video if you do not need to read them.

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