Final Fantasy XI: Newbie Gil guide to untold riches

On average, I'll make about 75-100k for 3-4 hours of farming a night right now. The reason why I’m able to do this, is because I’m able to see what things sell well at the AH and find the places where I can get it. Having a melee job with a decently leveled THF as a subjob can make a huge difference between getting good drops, to decent drops, to hardly any drops. At level 15, THF will have two helpful things: Gilfinder and Treasure Hunter. Treasure Hunter is good because it increases the chances that normal items from mobs will drop as you farm. I don’t think that it really helps much with NM drops, but I’m not an expert on that so take what I say about that with a grain of salt. At lower levels, odds are your THF will either be too low for a subjob or hardly leveled at all for a main job. Some people will level up THF to 15 for the traits I listed above. But if you’re a melee (WAR or MNK), THF is great for farming. Just remember to change your subjob before you go out for exp parties though. No one likes a gimpy subjob.

One important thing you need is a good system that works for you. I pretty much farm Monday-Thursday and I try to party/do quests and missions Friday-Sunday. I know people who party Monday-Friday and strictly farm on the weekend. But depending on your lvl and job (and also your server) the amount of gil you make can vary as does the schedule that feels the best for you.

So here are a few suggestions based on my experience so far.

This is a mini-guide based primarily off of my game experience, from farming at early levels to my current level. I will give a little history as to why I needed a lot of gil so many of you won’t think that I’m a greedy little *^%$. Most of what I’m writing isn’t a secret nor is it path to guaranteed gillions. All it is, is a small guide on how-to make some decent gil early on.

First and foremost, my main job is MNK. Despite what people may think or say, the MNK job is the MOST EXPENSIVE job to gear, especially from lvls 34-40. When I was going through those levels, Ochiudo Kote (level 34) were going for 800-1000k gil, Mthr. Knuckles +1 (level 3 50k, sniper rings (level 40) were around 500k and woodsman rings (level 40) were around 450k. Brown Belt (level 40) was stable at 500k and Jujitsu Gi (level 40) was going for over 300k at the time. And this is gear that you can equip up to level 40. So if I wanted to be a decent MNK, I knew what type of gear I needed to get. So here are my strategies for getting gil and all of these items before I even reached level 40.

Remember, these prices at the AH can change and primarily come from the Jeuno AH prices, so I’m using what I’ve seen today at the AH for the basis of what to look forward to when selling these items for gil. Please remember that some items for sale in Jeuno can be more or less, but not a huge difference. We’re talking mostly farmed items here, not endgame drops.

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