Final Fantasy XIV: How to Level Up Crafts Quickly

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One of the biggest problems that faces players in Final Fantasy 14 is indecision. The real reason the majority of the player base levels their class or craft slowly is because they lack direction.

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Master Final Fantasy XIV, with Chrono

Your Own Worst Enemy

What I am really getting at here is how many of you have felt like you have spent hours online without getting anything done? It is a common feeling and it is the result of what I have dubbed “FFXIV ADD”.

As an example, you might log on for the night and decide to level up your level 21 Leatherworker. You are in Ul’dah and leves just reset so you go check out your local leves. In this example, say you end up with 5 Leves to choose from:

- 2 Level 1 Leves – One in town and 2 from Camp Bentbranch
- 1 Level 5 Leves – One in town
- 1 Level 10 Leve – Camp Drybone
- 1 Level 20 Leve – Camp Horizon

In this case, running through all the leves and running to each camp to turn them in (in order to preserve your precious anima) will run about an hour and a half and end up earning you 6 Sheepskins, 2 Dodo Skins, 2 Buffalo Hide, and about 2,000 Leatherworking XP (most of that being from the Level 20 Leve).

When you look at it this way, it does not really seem like a good use of time! The XP is abysmal for the time investment and earning about 15,000 gil worth of loot in 2 hours is also a really poor rate on return.

Instead, imagine you bought Dodoskins for 1,000-2,000 gil a piece (24 in this case), sat down and crafted them into Dodo Leather and then Dodoskin Vamps (as advocated in our Final Fantasy 14 guide). Here is what the math would look like:

24 Dodo Skins + 24 Wood Chips + 120 Ice Shards + 72 Water Shards


96 Dodo Leather, which combined with 384 Wind Shards and 384 Ice Shards


1,152 Dodoskin Vamps, which would sell to a vendor for around 175,000 gil (not a typo)

and 120 Synthesis Attempts, each worth about 250 Leatherworking XP and 1,000 Physical XP. That is 30,000 Leatherworking XP and 120,000 Physical XP total.  At level 21, this would nab you a level or two in Leatherworking and would probably level up your Physical level as well.

At what cost? Let’s assume you bought everything and paid towards the top end of market price for everything:

48,000 Gil (24 Dodo Skins * 2,000 Gil a piece) + 7,000 Gil (24 Willow Chips from NPC) + 12,000 Gil (120 Ice Shards * 100 Gil a piece) + 7,200 Gil (72 Water Shards * 100 Gil a piece) + 115,200 Gil (384 Wind Shards * 300 Gil a piece) + 38,400 Gil (384 Ice Shards * 100 Gil a piece) = 227,800 gil in costs.

When you add in the revenue (175,000 gil) for vendoring the Dodo Vamps, all that crafting experience only cost 52,800 gil and took a comparable amount of time to a set of local leves.

Note that this number assumes you paid at the high end of the market price for every item. If you spend some time shopping around, you can find Dodo Skin for 1,000 gil (and save 24,000 gil in the process), Ice Shards for 80 gil (saving you 10,000 gil), and Wind Shards for 200 gil (and save 38,4000 gil in the process). You would actually turn a profit crafting simply by shopping around.

If you buy at the low end in this example, you would actually end up earning 20,000 gil!

Master Final Fantasy XIV, with Chrono's FFXIV Guide

A Crafting Comparison

In this theoretical example, 2 hours running around doing local leves yielded 2,000 Leatherworking Points and about 15,000 gil worth of mats (not counting the paltry gil and couple shards you might get).

On the other hand 2 hours of crafting yielded 30,000 Leatherworking Points and anywhere from a 50,000 gil loss to a 20,000 gil profit, depending on how much you spent on materials.

However, the gil amount is really irrelevant. Using some of the techniques in our gil guide, you can easily anywhere from 40,000-250,000 gil per hour (depending on level), so there is no reason to worry about such a small amount of gil.

The big picture here is that local leves, beyond the initial levels provide practically no experience points. You can earn literally 15 times as much experience points in the same amount of time simply by grinding out recipes.

But Grinding is Boring!

You got me there! Grinding out crafts is not the funnest thing to do in Final Fantasy 14, but the reality is you will never hit a high level in crafting without grinding. Local Leves just are not set up to supply much experience points past level 13.

This might change in the future, but as long as level 15+ crafters are still getting loads of level 1 leves, locals just will not pay the bills! With that said, you might do a few here and there if they give some nice rewards and are a short run.

The Big Picture

Once leves stop paying out the big experience points, they simply are not worth doing. This is why in our crafting guides we recommend Leves for beginners, and then straight recipe grinding off of very cheap recipes beyond that.

Time spent running around is time you never get back. Over the course of the week, collect crafting materials as you do your in-game shopping, pop a movie in, and grind out a few levels on a lazy Sunday. It will be much easier and more enjoyable than running around the world trying to complete quests for a measly 1,000 experience points!

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