Final Fantasy XIV: Local Levequests & Basics to Crafting

In FFXIV local levequests are a great way to level crafting and earn some money while doing so. This post covers the basics of how local levequests work, and a few tricks.

What is the FFXIV Local Levequest feature?

In Final Fantasy XIV, local levequests provide questing opportunities for those that wish to level their crafting skill. They are the equivalent of the battlecraft or gathering levequests that adventurers can pick up to level those skills. Local levequests provide an adventurer with a crafting assignment and the materials necessary to complete that assignment. This provides an opportunity to gain skill - as well as the money that is paid upon delivery.

Like other levequests, local levequests are repeatable and are on a 48 hour timer. However, adventurers don't need to exchange local levequests, and can have a seemingly unlimited number of them in his or her journal at a given time.

There are normally 2-3 levelquests for every crafting class.

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Getting Started with FFXIV Local Levequests

The NPC that hands out the local levequests is normally different from the one that hands out battlecraft and gathering levequests, but is also usually sharing a counter with them. Simply talk to the NPC and choose a crafting class to view the available levequests.

The levequest description includes where the quest materials need to be turned in, and to which NPC at the location. Some FFXIV local levequests may require the adventurer to go to a location he or she hasn't yet been to.

It's also important to note that the levequest states what level of crafting is necessary for the craft. Most levequests available in the cities are for crafting level 1, but don't assume that.

An adventurer can have an up to eight local levequests in his or her journal. Only one of these quests can be active at any given time, however. Upon accepting the quest, the option to activate it will be presented. This means that the materials for the quest will be placed in the adventurer's inventory and can be crafted. If another quest is activated immediately after, the crafting materials for the first will disappear from the inventory and be replaced by the new materials.

The NPC that is supposed to receive the crafted items can also activate a local levequest and provide the crafting materials. Many local levequests require going to one of the camps outside of the city. There are a few, however, that involve NPCs within the various cities. For the locations of those NPCs, check this article on the main FFXIV site.

Crafting For a FFXIV Local Levequest

Crafting for FFXIV local levequests is easy. An option appears in the synthesis menu for "Requested items." Picking this option will then allow the adventurer to pick which levequest to craft for. Choose the active levequest, and the materials will populate in the synthesis window.

From there, crafting proceeds as normal - with one big exception. Even though it looks like the synthesis will require shards/crystals, it doesn't. No shards or crystals will be removed from the adventurer's inventory for crafting. This shows the major benefit of local levequests - free materials, and no crystals or shards used!

Levequest crafting acts as normal synthesis, with skill gains at the end.

The Rewards Are Great from FFXIV Local Levequests

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Once the required items have been crafted, they can be turned in to the specified NPC. Adventurers receive money as a reward, and also some useful raw materials. In addition, each local levequest rewards the adventurer with a recipe, printed out in the chat window. This recipe is not added to the journal. Many such recipes are already noted down in places such as the Yellow Gremlin Final Fantasy XIV Database.

Even better, for the FFXIV local levequests, NPCs normally provide more materials than are actually required. This is to provide a buffer for failed synthesis. This also means that some materials might be left over if the adventurer never botches a synthesis. Upon completion of the levequest, these materials will simply be removed from the inventory.

However, an adventurer can simply continue to craft additional levequest items to use up the extra material. This can provide between one and three extra, completely free skill gains. When the quest is turned in, the extra levequest items will also be removed from the inventory, but gaining skill with no material cost at all is reward enough!

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