Gamers Internet Troubleshooting

You’re sitting at your computer, it’s Thursday night, and you’re thinking to yourself you’ve got 30 minutes until tonight’s raid gets started. It’s time to login and start playing your favorite online game. You turn on the computer, run through the boot process, something is taking a bit longer then normal, Teamspeak/Razer Comms isn’t connecting, and then you realize… your internet is down. You’re going to need this Gamers Internet Troubleshooting guide.

Basically, at this point you’re screwed. Well, …maybe not. Depending on your situation, you might have a few different options. Keep in mind, to follow this Gamers Internet Troubleshooting, down the list. If one thing doesn’t work, goto the next thing. If it does, there is no need to proceed further.

Gamers Internet Troubleshooting Guide

First and foremost to this Gamers Internet Troubleshooting guide, check to see if you have an internet signal. If you have a wireless signal, try connecting wirelessly with your phone (if you have the option). Otherwise try another wireless device. If you have neither of these, or don’t have a wireless modem/router goto the next step.

Reboot your computer. Sometimes the computer can get bogged down, and it’s usually a good idea to reboot once a week, and you can put your computer to sleep in between times.

If you had just rebooted, and it’s still not working, try running a system cleaning program. In my case, I use CCleaner, which is good for Windows based computers. For Mac or Linux, you will have to search for something similar.

If the reboot and clean didn’t work, look at your modem. Are there lights blinking? Completely disconnect your modem. If it’s a cable or DSL modem, unplug it, and remove the in and out cables. Let it sit there for about 1 minute. After the minute is up, plug it back in.

Your next step, is if you have a seperate router. If you do, do the same thing. Unplug all the wires, and turn it off. IMPORTANT! DO NOT press the reset button. The reset button can do a factory wipe, this could be a bad thing, if you don’t know how you had it setup before.

At this point, we have ruled out the most common errors. If you have a wireless router you can try connecting to someone else’s internet connection. Otherwise it’s time to call tech support. Usually internet Tech support will be online, even after customer service is off for the night.

For whatever reason, tech support needs to call in a repairman, you forgot to pay your bill, tech support is offline, if you have the game setup on a laptop, you can take your laptop to a local WiFi hotspot, and run the game.

If you don’t have a laptop, there is one final chance to get online, but you need an Android smart phone. This last step, will depend on your preferences, and if you have a little bit of cash to spend. Now when I say smart phone, I am talking Android, because I do not know if any of the other phones have similar abilities – if they do, then you will have to do the next step with out me.

Gamers Internet TroubleshootingDownload EasyTether. Now I know there are a few different apps out there, and quite a few of them might even work. I know for a fact, that Easy Tether does work, and it’s VERY easy to setup, in fact, it’s well worth the price tag, but may seem a little steep to you. However the tethering service, which I bypassed by using this, would normally cost me $40 more on my bill EVERY MONTH. Since I share my Amazon Marketplace login with my wife, we can both use a different device, and the same program, with only paying the $10 fee, once. With Google’s Playstore, you are going to need to pay for each Android device you use.

Once you get EasyTether installed, it’s a matter of following the easy to follow wizard, downloading a file on your phone, copying it to your Hard Drive, and running it. Really, it’s so easy, and then you will be able to play a game.

Unfortunately, there is a little bit more to this. Once it’s installed and connected, you need to understand that you will be using your phone’s data connection to play games. If you have unlimited data, then you’re good. If not, limit yourself to the amount of time you will play. If you are playing a game like World of Warcraft, you need to disable background downloading. This will keep your bandwidth lower, then if it’s allowed to download content in the background. Also, that background data, will affect your ping.

Now on my 3G connection via Sprint, I can get a latency of about 135-195. If I had 4G where I was, I might get it a bit faster. I do not need to worry about the background download, since i do have unlimited through Sprint. If you also have Sprint, then you will be set.

There is something else to worry about, and you should test this ahead of time. If your phone times out, the screen goes black, do you stay connected to the game? I ask, since I use Battery Booster, and the settings have my internet connection shut off, should the screen go black. I could for the sake of the game change it, or another option, for those who don’t have this feature, would be to set an egg timer and change the screen timeout to the maximum. Search the market for an egg timer, any of them will do, I use Alarm Clock Millenium . What this will do, will countdown the time, and then throw off an alarm at the specified time. With Alarm Clock Milenium, I have a snooze function tied to mine, which goes off every 9 minutes for 50 times. Since my screen time out, can be maxxed to 10 minutes, a 9 minute timer keeps me online, in game, and touching the snooze button keeping my phone from timing out.

That’s it for the Gamers Internet Troubleshooting guide. I hope you made the raid, and if you’re one of the smart ones, also downloaded EasyTether. Even if you aren’t having problems, it will allow you to get online even when you aren’t gaming, and out with your laptop. If there is anything you think I missed in this guide, let me know in the comments, and I will add it later if relevant.

written by Spitt of mmoexploiters.comGamers Internet Troubleshooting


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