Lotro: Getting Second Age Crafting Items Trick

To craft Reforged Second Age Weapons/ Class items for your level 65 characters you need a Symbol of Celebrimbor, five legendary fragments, other tier six crafting materials, a crafter who is a supreme master and who is kindred in their crafting guild. Previously Celebrimbor the symbols were ultra rare/hard to get and the fragments easy to get via the original Esteldin (pre nerf) IXP Bounty quests, now since the Enedwaith/Vol. III Book II expansion the Symbols are easy to get and the fragments are harder...

This guide is for those with a lot of level 65 alts, or who like to be helpful kinsmates, because once the initial work in getting to the end room is finished, you can swap out two of the three people in the instance with your own alts, or your friends can take the empty slot in the group that your leaving will create and everyone can easily start to get one of the two hard to get items needed for a Reforged Second Age Weapon/Class Item, the Symbol of Celebrimbor.

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  1. TomRiddle says:

    Nerfed as of Nov. 29, 2010 patch

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