Guide: How to Prepare for a long Gaming Session or game release


As many of you know, Defiance is set to officially release tomorrow. As such, you might want to prepare a bit. By prepare, I mean get the items you will need to have at hand to do a long game session. If you are in pretty good shape, you can ignore some of the things, however this is an all inclusive guide. 

Here are our suggestions;

Keep Hydrated

This means water or juice. Not soda, Green Tea, nor Energy Drinks. Those 3 tend to contain caffeine which will make you pee. Pee means breaks, which you might not want. It also can mean sugar, which is a false energy rush, which will make you more drowsy after it starts to wear off.

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Food at your fingertips

Food is not candy, chips, nor cake type products. The better foods to give you energy are fresh vegetables and fruits. Meat will keep you sated for a longer period of time, but will be harder to digest, making you sleepy. Too many chips can also cause long term injury to your body (cholesterol), and also tend to have more salt. Salt means more liquids needed. Candy/Cakes means sugar, which again is a false high. While you might think that pizza is a great food, it's not. Instead prepare with some microwave meals from a healthy brand. Less meat, more vegetables.

Did you know that when you eat carbs (pastas, breads, sugar, alcohol, etc), that your body converts these to energy. When they aren't used, they get stored as fat, for energy later. More fiber or whole grains, can help to lessen the storage of these fat cells (also helps prevent storage of cholesterol). Brain power doesn't use these carbs, so eating whole vegetables and fruits will actually give you the energy you need. Carbs won't be used, so will get stored as cell fat. You might think you need a lot of protein. This is a lie told by the meat companies. You get enough protein from vegetables, eaten in small meals to make up the amount of protein your body needs. At higher dosages, animal protein is VERY bad for your body.


Set up your favorite monster mashing music up. Something which is upbeat, will more likely keep you awake. It can be put on a loop as needed. Internet radio via RadioSure! can keep a constant flow of dance headed your way (search for Raute - it's a German station with German commentary, but their dance mixes are off the charts).


Set an alarm to go off every 60-90 minutes. Use a small break to limber and stretch your body and fingers. Take a short bathroom break. Stiff body or fingers means cramps. Cramps means a downtime until the pain dissipates. Make sure you stare off, into the distance for a few minutes. Staring at the screen will cause eye strain, staring off, gives your eyes a break.


While 5 hour energy can work really well, it can also add up in cost. Get yourself some Stackers instead, and one of the following energy pill combos - UpTime (black is better, or blue will work as well) or Energy Now! Either of these can be taken in conjunction with a Stacker or 5-Hour energy, which will also boost your alertness. Keep in mind, the recommended quantity of 5-Hour energy/Stackers are no more then 2 in a 24 hour period. Energy Drinks are based on 8 ounces. So if you pickup a 16 ounce version make sure you read the warning labels and limit your intake. 

If you are starting to get tired... chew sugar free gum. While snacks also work, they can also be detrimental. Sugar Free gum however will wake you right up. The act of chewing does wonder for brain functions. I tend to prefer non-minty gums by Extra brand. Minty can clash with carbonated drinks and cause stomach issues including the runs.


DO NOT dim the lights. Keep the entire room where you intend to play, well lit. Staring in the dark at a bright monitor will have an adverse affect on you and make you more drowsy.

Screen Settings

Less eye strain is better. This means we want larger fonts (smaller screen resolution) and faster refreshes. More eye strain means more tiredness.

Sound Settings

This is more of a personal preference, but I would rather listen to music, then to the game. Listening to the game can get me distracted. I much prefer to speed through quest objectives, rather then waiting for someone to talk to me. I have found that you can run through all the comments an NPC can make fairly quickly.

Pain Meds

Pain meds make you drowsy, so use sparingly. If you plan to go long periods, not following our recommendations of stretching every 60-90 minutes, then you can hold off the cramps, by taking Pamprin. While this medicine is meant for women, it also has anti-cramp medicine and no caffeine. (Side note, it's also good for migraines). DO NOT get Midol. Midol's version is just Excedrin relabeled, and does contain caffeine which will cause headaches and a false energy high.

Prescription Meds

If you are on any type of prescription medication, then make sure you have your supply near you, with alarms set on when to take them. Set the alarm across the room, so you have to get up to turn it off, otherwise you might hit snooze or just turn it off and miss an important med which you need.


If you are addicted to this toxin, then it's too late to do anything about it in terms of getting off it. However, it's not something you need to completely remove from your play area. Certain energy drinks (5-hour energy/stacker) do contain it. However taking too much caffeine, will cause you to take constant bathroom breaks. Instead it's a good idea to have some coffee nearby which you can sip on occasionally, to keep the headaches at bay.


The bane of existence. This toxin is used to kill bugs off plants, in pesticides. It was added to cigarettes to make them addictive. Buy some nicotine gum (will help keep you awake when you chew it) or a patch for extended release. Taking a cigarette break every hour can help you to stretch out, but the cravings might be lessened when gaming. Consider this a great time to quit.


Some  of the things I told you, might seem a bit... off. I can assure you I know quite a bit about health, diet, and avoiding exercise. I also know how to keep going for long periods of time, and thats what this guide is all about. When you hit the level cap in record time, make sure you let others know about this guide to playing for extended periods, and don't forget to Like us on Facebook!

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