Guide to Easy Macroing, Starcraft 2, Evony, WoW, Aion, FFXIV

Several people write me for scripts or tools to use for buffing, enchanting, crafting, or whatever. This tool, with this walkthrough, will explain how you can make your one scripts, EASILY.

First, you need to get this program - It will allow you to first record and then edit the scripts you make. While it's intended for noob gamers, it can be used for anything including non gaming applications.  Because of this, it shouldn't get you in trouble.  Also, it doesn't actually interface with any game.  It probably could not easily be used to make a hunting script, but with a little effort you might be able to do some basic scripting for it - possibly a fishbot, since it does support pixel mapping.

Every user has to make the script for its own, because everyone has different client settings, resolution, character type, etc. However, if you are making scripts which require using hotkeys, without mouse movements (build orders in Starcraft 2 or even in Evony), then these can be shared.

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