Guild Wars: Pre Searing Gold on Iris

  1. Map to Ashford abby
  2. Head right and find the iris flower there
  3. Then flip around and head through the worms towards the grawl on the other side
  4. Pick that flower up
  5. Rinse/repeat

One Response to Guild Wars: Pre Searing Gold on Iris

  1. TomRiddle says:

    wow, you must of been bored or hard up to post this:)

    course what does that say about me for commenting on it:)?

    In GW there are hundreds of lootables or ground spawns that a collector will barter an item (weapon or armor) for so many of the looted or picked up item

    in most cases the bartered item has a higher re-sell value than the (usualy) 5 items you traded in for it

    one reason to always keep scratch paper and pen handy while playing………..

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