Guild Wars: UW SoS Farm, For R/Rt but can be any/Rt


This build enables players to solo farm monsters by creating up to 6 Ritualist spirits to kill foes. Rangers are able to do this with their core attribute Expertise, which reduces the energy cost to make these spirits.

This build can also farm other locations, however this guide will help teach you how to solo farm the Underworld for them lovely Globs of Ectoplasms!

The Build


12 Expertise (use an Expertise Mask+Superior Expertise Rune)
8 Communing
10 Channeling
10 Restoration


(These contain hyper-links to the Official Guild Wars Wiki. Please click them for details of the skills)

Signet of Spirits [E]
Armor of Unfeeling
Spirit Leech Aura
Painful Bond


*Max Armour with Radiant Insignias.
* A high-energy staff. Example: Staff of the Forgotten
* High Armour & Health set. i.e. A 16AL Shield with 30hp and a Weapon - Sword, Axe or Spear - with a 30hp mod.
* Recommended to bring another mask to swap with your main Superior Expertise mask to gain an extra 75hp when needed.

The "Underworld"

To get to The Underworld, all players of the party must be Ascended, Weh no Su or must have completed the quest "Hunted!". Players must then either use a Passage Scroll to the Underworld, or pay 1 Platinum to the Voice of Grenth at a Statue of Grenth while the world has the Favour of the Gods in any of the following locations:

* Chantry of Secrets (Nightfall)
* Temple of the Ages (Prophecies)
* Zin Ku Corridor (Factions)

How to use;

Killing your foes
The technique to killing things is to constantly be retreating back as the spirits die and you recasting the dead ones. The point is you keep an endless wall of spirits that keeps regrowing and designing itself as the battle wages on. The advantage to this is the fact you almost never take damage or hexes.

Key Advice
It is key to keep your spirits spread out against any mobs with AoE so they last longer.

Bladed Aatxes
Only aggro 2-3 at most 1-2 being optimum and you must have shadowsong neutralizing at least one of them.

Bladed Aatxe Skills:
* Deadly Riposte
* Gash
* Riposte
* Savage Slash
* Sever Artery

Grasping Darknesses
They are a big joke - just place spirits up before hand so they don't disrupt your casts and watch them die.

Grasping Darkness Skills
* "Fear Me!"
* Distracting Blow
* Flurry
* Skull Crack (elite)

Smite Crawlers
Only aggro up to 5 at most, however try for less if possible and make sure your army of spirits is spread out to not be effected to much by their Zealot's Fire spam.
Be sure to keep up Spirit Leech Aura so your spirits are dealing vampiric damage and not normal damage, thus making their Reversal of Fortune useless for them.

The smites have to be fought kind of like Aaxte; dance around a bit retreating while constantly renewing the army.

Smite Crawlers Skills
* Divine Intervention
* Mend Condition
* Reversal of Fortune
* Shield of Judgment (elite)
* Smite Hex
* Zealot's Fire

Coldfire Nights
Spread out your army of spirits and make sure you have room to fall back as you rebuild the army. Also you want a pre-made army for these guys as they deal lots of AoE .

Coldfire Night Skills:
* Aura of Restoration
* Frozen Burst
* Maelstrom
* Rust
* Shard Storm
* Ward Against Harm (elite)

Terrorweb Dryder's
Try to just take on small groups of 2-3 if possible. Your spirits must be heavily spread out and you must keep on your toes to be ready to constantly rebuild your army. Also try to draw out their Meteor Showers in useless spots, mainly away from your spirits.

Terrorweb Dryer Skills:
* Aura of Restoration
* Fireball
* Immolate
* Lava Font
* Mark of Rodgort
* Meteor Shower

Mindblade Spectre's
Spread out your spirit army and keep your distance by aggroing with a flatbow to avoid getting hexed with ignorance which weakens your army. The groups of 9 can occasionally take some time and you might have to flee for 20 seconds to get an army going again.

Mindblade Spectre Skills:
* Clumsiness
* Conjure Phantasm
* Energy Tap
* Hex Breaker
* Ignorance
* Migraine (elite)
* Power Drain
* Power Leak

Bone Pits in general
Make your spirit army with room to flee back behind your spirits with a flatbow. If done right you won't take any damage or hexes.

See Dead Collector and Dead Thresher.


Underworld Farming Videos - by BogusDudeGW

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Video 5: Chaos Planes

Video 6: Spawning Pools

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