Hashtags gone? Discontinuing Memes via Facebook – Moving to site

Hashtags were one of the reasons we used Facebook

No-More-HashtagWe will be discontinuing the meme's we put up on Facebook, and be placing them directly on mmoexploiters.com stating in a few days. We are doing this in part because of the lack of Hashtag advertising. We used Hashtags (#) in order to spread the word about our page and our memes, but Facebook has disabled hashtags for our channel. Since we can no longer use this to spread the word about the meme's and our site, we will simply be bringing everything directly to this site. 

In fact the hashtag disabling has affected some other channels we also run. These sites are not gaming related, other then the occasional cosplay pix on the site. Due to this, and the fact that the audience is small, we will move the other channels to a different Facebook account.

Users who prefer to get their news about this site, via Facebook, can still do so, but to see any of the funny memes, you will have to come to mmoexploiters.com directly. 

Why were hashtags disabled? Probably because Blizzard is a fricking control freak and will do whatever they can to ensure that sites like this cannot get more of an audience if they can help it. They also prevented us from doing a lot of advertisements - many were blocked automatically.

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