Lord of the Rings Online: Easy Destiny points in Moria

In volume 2, book3, chapter 9 you relive the demise of Balin's group against the orcs in Moria. This is session play in which you play a level 60 dwarf captain Ori. During the session you can earn up to 150 or more destiny points killing orcs. The good thing is, when you fail the session, you can play it over and over again, comfortably filling up your destiny wallet while slaughtering orcs and the like.

Extra challenge: Try to blast the two heavyweight trolls off the Bridge of Khazad Dum with your horn skill!

You can choose fight till the end boss appears and have yourself killed, just to engage them immediately after in the next session play... enjoy and go for them high-level destinies!

2 Responses to Lord of the Rings Online: Easy Destiny points in Moria

  1. TomRiddle says:

    With SoM money and destiny points are really almost no longer any issue

    Destiny points _seemed_ to be awarded with almost every quest *not true literally, but that’s what it felt like)

    Since one way or another turbine started micro transactions in lotro with the adventurers pack, most bought it to acquire SoM for “free” although it is less than half of what they used to actually give for free ie; Forochel, Evendim, Annuminas, Tal Bruinen, anyway most have a “free goat” so no money needs to be put aside for that on lower level toons (it is almost also an indication that Moria was a bust and players will not stay to earn the kindred rep formerly needed to buy a goat”

    With the shared bank you no longer need a house for shared housing chests so do not need to put aside money for that or the weekly “mortgage err maintenance fees”

    ever since book 14 in mid 2008 they introduced new drops broken daggers ripped robes or the like which stacked and had a slightly higher vender value so as long as you had space in your bags to acquire these items while deed grinding or doing quests there was always a steady flow of money

    oh and way back in 2007 in ettenmoors we took 6? quests to visit 5 locations and poison Hoardale and return safely for 1500 destiny points.. (trick one log out at pool of water and log in safely returned automatically at outpost, trick two we did it BEFORE there were any level 40 characters in the game šŸ™‚

    I’ll have to check but if your only talking about 150 destiny points from a book level that cant be reached totally solo, you could take just the one travel quest from outpost to castle almost always in creep hands and travel back so quick you wouldnt need the log out trick then delete char rinse and repeat making a warg for speed bonus

  2. TomRiddle says:

    Yeah just checked if you create a warg monster you take the quest

    Report to Dar-Gazag, Maggot http://lotro.mmodb.com/quests/report-to-dar-gazag-maggot-419.php

    Just make the 2 minute run and collect 125 destiny delete and keep doing… over and over you collect at dar-gazag no run back go collect delete char…

    I was thinking about the phrase failing the quest well timing out is one thing but failing due to death is expensive, fighting orcs will cost # for repairs while this single run, you could go for the whole enchilada and do the 5 go to quests and poison Hoarwell, but one death ruins the 500 point bonus for deed completeion… so this single or with http://lotro.mmodb.com/quests/report-to-lugazag-604.php to earn 250 destiny points in 5-7 minutes…

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