Lord of the Rings Online: Learn to play the AH

The LoTRO Auction House is a great way to make money and clear out some bag and vault space. Also the Auction House will help you to figure out what to farm to make  money the faster and more efficient way.  I have some guide lines I follow just to make it fair.  These are not mandatory, but I believe this is a fair way of doing business, and then I will tell you the greedy way. You make your own choice about which one you would like to use.

Fair Way

I have been told the fairest price to post items is 4-5 times what the vendor would buy for. There for a item selling to vendor at 5 silver would sell at Auction for 20-25 sp not a bad profit. But my opinion is 7 times the vendor price.  This is not too bad either, especially with the auction house prices these days.  Most people sell at 10-20 times the vendor price. Also selling at these lower prices means your items will sell almost immediately.

Not too Bad

This way is my common advice, before selling your item's search the inventory of the Auction to see what other people have posted the same item for.  Now find the lowest price for the current number you have and subtract 5-10 silver from it and that's what you post your item's for. You're just a little cheaper then the other guy so your item is almost always going to sell first, assuming a person hunting is not click happy and doesn't check for lowest price.
Also if there is one item that is at least 40% lower then the rest of them, and the market is good (hides, gems, crafting items, etc.) go ahead and buy them out if the math comes out so you can drop the price 5sp below the other guys and end up making more in the end.  These are great investments.

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Greedy (I do not recommend)

Don't be that guy out there that posts items for outrageous amounts (you'll know whats outrageous). You won't sell much, and someone will likely come along and undercut you. I know you hate it when you need something and check Auction house and everything is high priced. Think of how you feel when searching for items and find them all high priced, and then post your items.

Farming Tips and Tricks

I would recomend before going on a farming trip, to run by and check the Auction House. Search for common items like hides, gems, crafting items, etc., and see what they are going for. If you know for sure you can kill X mobs fast by yourself and prices are up, then go right ahead. It sure beats running off to farm stuff and make it to the Auction House only to realize the market is low today. Check each one and see what has the best price to time ratio. This will also save you that 30 minutes wondering what to farm.

Once you feel comfortable and get to know the Auction House,  you can start buying and selling to make a profit. But don't do it right away, as you might buy high and sell low, or worse, buy something which you think is low, and end up not being able to resell it.

The trick is to find some common items you find there everyday, such as hides, ore, shards, and flakes which all sell on a regular basis. Now watch these for a week or so and see the common prices. Once you see approximately what they go for and you see somone post one for a lot less, you can buy it out and resell it for a nice little profit. Even 100sp extra adds up quickly. Example below I run into the most.


Dwarf-Iron ore sells commonly for 800-900 silver pieces for a stack of 50.
Now every other day you see someone post it 700-800 for a stack of 100. This actually happens a lot. Buy it out and turn around and split stack into 2 stacks of 50 then repost for  600-650 silver pieces. Your price is way lower then competitors and usual prices. Now you've made about 400 silver profit without having to farm a thing.
Hides, ore, flakes, and shards all sell on a regular basis, stick with those items and you shouldn't lose money.

One last tip.  When you start to get a feel for the average prices, make sure to write them down.  If you can check every day, GREAT! if not, try to check at least 2x a week.  I have noticed that on weekends, prices are lower, and on weekdays, they are higher.  Sometimes, you can buy on a weekend, wait a couple days to the weekdays, and then sell for a better profit.

Good luck!

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One Response to Lord of the Rings Online: Learn to play the AH

  1. TomRiddle says:

    Well about the only constant items are materials for crafters, food is ok mid level potions are okay the high level potions are not as good as people have feathers to barter for them

    in the old days there were engraved beryl recipes that were like a guaranteed 2-5 gold now there are no comparable recipes and books and pages are no longer a sellable item

    class items like rune of winged dominance are barterable now as it is so hard to get anyone to do uru or cd

    crafted items sell marginally well but the upper guys have rad gear or even items from maladhrim vendors are bettere than most crafted items so you might sell gear for level 20-50 but even then quest reward gear is _good enough_ to get by and people doing alts have to save $$ somehow

    the reason the ah doesnt work as a constant money maker are thew fees associated, the fact you can no longer remove an item after an hour (to re-set price) because of PRICE UNDER CUTTERS

    the “professional” guys know their market their mark up ratios and posat then comes a one time johnny who puts up items 2/3 less thean yours to guarantee he gets SOMETHING, and in the reduced population of lotro there may have been only 2 people that weekend (still best time to post for the weekend warriors) who needed that item

    even if your item doesnt sell you paty fees that cut your profit

    so if you stick to ore and leathers you can make money but just doing quests will get you $$ turbine upped the vendor loot tables it seems all my toons (9) in leveling or just doing daily rep/feather/gold token runs always earn $ takes about a 5-wipe night to really dent the cash flow

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