Lord of the Rings Online: Multi-Box on same Computer

Install Lotro in one folder, then install Lotro into a different (or multiple) folder(s)

Start each Lotro from there specific locations and you should be able to dual or multi log with multiple accounts.

This was tested on 2 different computers with 2 accounts.

3 Responses to Lord of the Rings Online: Multi-Box on same Computer

  1. TomRiddle says:

    right they changed coding when SoM release so those who could load multi accounts had to use the second (or more) folders which most two boxers I know in lotro already did to work around the port aleardy in use bug that changing the ini file did not fix

  2. Scoobydoo says:

    looks like copying folders doesn’t work anymore after Treachery of the White Hand

  3. blackheart says:

    A couple different options would be to open in a sandbox or within VMWare. For the sandbox method you can seek out sandboxie.

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