Lotro Assisted Leveling: A Poor Mans Dual Boxing Guide

Lotro Assisted Leveling

A Poor Mans Dual Boxing Guide

This can be modified to use in any game that you can play in a windowed mode

With over 30 characters on more than 5 servers having vip, premium, and f2p accounts I am known to my friends as a fast leveler. Even before I dual-boxed, I usually leveled faster than my friends, doing it solo mostly while they grouped, I still out leveled them:)

Most of it was to me, common sense....

Go where the yellow or dark blue quests (or at the time deeds) are. Even if it meant doing one quest chain in zone a then going to zone b for 3 quest chains then to quest c for a quest chain “ding” then at the higher level going to a different part of zone at which before I couldn’t handle solo … in a nutshell, I was flexible I wasn’t “married” to one zone...

Get ALL the quests from the nearby quest hubs in the zone you are working.... if you have left zone 15 to 20 because the quest experience has become trivial ie; not worth your time... delete those suckers! Having all the quests from several quest hubs sometimes means like in North Downs one warg kill could credit 3 to 4 quests plus a deed.... The other benefit of getting to other quest hubs is to discover more stable masters because in Lotro they never just send you from point a to b to c to a to b to (you get the picture … /sarcasm off)

Some of my friends say no, no do this one quest hub until it is done then move on... I don’t know how we got around before the quest tracker was given us, but we did... but now it is a part of the game. So USE it. Get all the quests then organize the maximum 5 quests for the immediate area you are “working” and any “extras” like “hey that kill counted for a quest given from the other quest hub so I’ll just kill more of them even if the quest isn’t on my tracker” I’m earning credit for a quest I wouldn’t have had if I only did one quest hub at a time

When I first tried to dual box in Lotro you could play multiple accounts from one lotro folder although you sometimes had to add -usetdm or -invoker to bypass the launcher, BUT you could still use one folder for two or more accounts, until Moria? then you had to have a separate folder for each account you wanted to play and for my teeny 2005 computer with only a 150 gig hard-drive that was hard to manage...

BUT things are back to the ability to play multiple accounts from one folder although you will probably need to tweak a few things:

Go to each account make sure you are playing in windowed mode
Make sure each game is at the same size window
Send the TurbineInvoker.exe icon to your desktop to use. NOT the TurbineLauncher.exe
Set your options so you do not have the lotro ring in your toolbar by your clock
Turn off sounds at first, then try having combat sounds on only *
Lower all the graphics settings to the lowest or disabled to start then experiment what you can increase depending on your systems abilities. One friend always suggests having the Object Draw Distance and the Landscape Draw Distance as high as possible....

*(When doing 4 accounts on EQ I purposely made female characters so I could tell by the grunts of pain which screen was being attacked, because your characters WILL get seperated by you turning too tight getting on a bridge or behind a rock or tree..etc)

Launch Game 1 to character select screen
Launch Game 2 to character select screen

IF you get “connection failed can’t bind local socket is another client running?” error

1. Open your UserPreferences.ini file, found in your DocumentsThe Lord Of The Rings Online folder
2. Look for a line that says [Net] near the bottom
3. A couple lines below [Net] is a line that says


Change it to:


For some reason this didn’t work for me:( So I made another user on my PC and under THAT user it all works fine! Tested several days in a row March 2011 with just changing to FALSE, and using INVOKER instead of launcher on my second user ....

Screen strategy for my method of dual-boxing:

One necessary skill to have on your quick slot is a follow button. To create a follow button clear the last space on your quick slot bar.

type /shortcut 12 /follow that will set /follow command to slot 12 which will look like:

Then you can move it to any open slot....

Okay now to the crux of the strategy ….

The traditional power leveling technique of having the low level (LL) on follow behind the high level (HL)  character so that the LL leeches experience from the HL’s kills does not work that well on Lotro.

Sure, you can get the LL to 65 but he/she will not have their Class Traits advanced. Class Traits are unique among the four trait types (Virtues, Class, Race, Legendary)  each character is given in that while almost all the traits involve killing mobs, or doing quest the Class trait involves using a skill against a mob, and usually against a mob that would earn that player experience, so greyed out mobs (mobs more than 8? levels below a character) do not count.

If the HL is doing all the work, the LL is not using his staff or bow or fire damage skill....

From http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Traits

Class Traits are unique to each class. You can begin working toward Class Traits as soon as you leave the Introduction Area and begin using your skills. Most Class Traits require that you use a certain skill a specified number of times, then the trait becomes available for slotting; the first slot opens up at level 15. A few traits require a Quest to obtain

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I developed a method that enables you to do assisted leveling..... but it is class specific

The LL can be anything
But the HL needs to be a Captain or Lore Master (pet classes)

In my method the HL is on follow to the LL, and the pet is set to aggressive.
The LL does his quests with the high level pet doing most of the work BUT the LL always can get a few shots or uses of a skill in most cases to work on their class traits....

Both the Captain and Lore Master have single target heals, not very strong for at level groups but powerful for a lower level’s lower amount of hit points. Since the HL is on follow the LL is targeted so in my example images above if the green screen is the LL, You can use one healng skill on the quickslot of the Blue (HL) instantly so keep buffs and heals on this quickslot bar...

Example: The green screen LL is in danger I can click the blue screen heal stay on the HL to take care of bad pulls etc, or if the heal was enough click an attack skill on the green quickslot bar (which are targeted on the mob) to switch right back to the low level character and be right back in the battle....

being primarily on the low level has other benefits, to do crafting, or quests that involve looting or gathering you NEED to be on the low level character most of the time

Unfortunately You cannot move the base quickslots or turn the pet bar to display up and down, rather than across so you WILL need to switch to the HL screen to put your pet on passive.

Captains are slightly better for this assisted leveling as you can send them ahead alone to the boss and then summoning the LL right to the quest objective... or the HL has better faction in a zone so can utilize swift travel that the lower level has not yer acquired... again a big time saver

Most players do this in Moria or Mirkwood, as well; having a friends captain go to each stable master and then summoning the newer player so they can get around doing things solo...

Using this method to level two low level characters is do-able but don’t expect to get any undying titles plus you will (obviously) need to pair a healer and some kind of damage dealer although I paired a guardian and a hunter once and that worked and neither could heal the other (the hunter couldn’t even heal himself:)

If you are doing two low level characters at the same time make sure you have healing and power potions to click on each characters quickslot bars!

There are some excellent buy able programs to help you dual-box but again this is a way to do somethings on the cheap:)

check out: http://www.dual-boxing.com/wiki/index.php/Software for pay or free programs if you don't like my no third party approach....

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