Lord of the Rings Online (Lotro): Info on the new Lotteries

Since I have done so well on lotteries (it figures that I can't equal it irl 😥  ), I am going to give you a bit more info, now that Turbine has today introduced a new improved/increased lottery schedule:

New Lottery Schedules and Info!

We’re thrilled to see how much enthusiasm there is for the LOTRO lottery system! Like all new features we introduce, we’ve been paying very close attention to the feedback you’ve provided and as a result, we’re making some changes to the lotteries.

Welcome Wagon Lottery (Level 1-20)

Three times per week! Starts Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3:00PM Eastern and ends on Wednesday, Friday, and Monday (respectively) at 9:00AM Eastern.

Lottery of The Free Peoples (Level 21-49)

Three times per week! Starts Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3:00PM Eastern and ends on Wednesday, Friday, and Monday (respectively) at 9:00AM Eastern.

Monday Lottery (Level 50-65)

Starts Monday at 3:00PM Eastern. Ends Wednesday at 9:00AM Eastern.

Hevensday Lottery (Level 50-65)

Starts Wednesday at 3:00PM Eastern. Ends Friday at 9:00AM Eastern.

Highday Lottery (Level 50-65)

Starts Friday at 3:00PM Eastern. Ends Monday at 9:00AM Eastern.

What can I win in the LOTRO Lotteries?

We’re not going to ruin the fun -- you’ll have to check in to see what items are up for grabs! The Monday, Hevensday, and Highday lotteries will constantly change. You never know what we might slip in there! We can tell you the Welcome Wagon Lottery and The Lottery of The Free Peoples will always have items that are useful for players of the appropriate levels.

Additional LOTRO Lotteries

During special events and holidays or just because we feel like having a little fun, we'll sneak in additional lotteries. So make sure you check my.lotro.com frequently to avoid missing any!

Before you enter any lottery, make sure you have read the Known Issues:

LOTRO Lottery Known Issues (Updated 2010 Mar 29)

The Dwalin, Balin, & Moore LOTRO Lottery Commission are constantly monitoring the lottery system and your feedback. Below are the known issues, feature requests, and comments we can make about them as of 2010 Mar 29.

Known Issues:

Session Characters
Currently, session play characters (those with a ~ in front of their names) can register for lotteries. Again...

Transferred Characters
This is a known issue in the my.lotro.com system where transferred characters are overly sentimental about their first home. You should not sign up characters for lotteries unless they are listed in the world they currently reside; we will be unable to deliver prizes to them. We are working on the underlying issue.

Monster Play Characters
Monster play characters are currently able to enter the lotteries and win. This is not working as intended. Creep characters should not be able to enter lotteries. We are unable to award any winnings in the event your creep character should win.

If you have trouble in figuring out how to enter the lotteries; use:

RusselDog's Visual Guide to entering the lottery

Thanks to all who have posted or sent pm's just saying hey on the previous lotro submissions...it is good to hear from you...

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