Lotro Reputation chart

To help a friend earn the World Renown deed, he asked me about a chart showing the barter items so I made this cobbled together from wikis and the lorebook: Maybe it could someone else......


To further help my friend or anyone who tracks  reputation of their characters, I made a reputation chart in word with drop down menus for up to 11 toons which I believe is the Maximum. The remaining five reputation zones are at the bottom in a separate table.

http://www.4shared.com/document/xUnPmX0l/Eleven_Character_Reputation_Ch.html" target=_blank

Just fill in the gray areas, then toggle the form field shading icon and lock with padlock

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One Response to Lotro Reputation chart

  1. TomRiddle says:

    Added new chart document in a .doc format to track up to 11 chars reputation.
    Just add names, use the drop down menus clear the grey, lock the page ….

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