Making War cities in Evony

When I first began playing Evony, I was under the impression that I needed a lot of cottages.  In fact, having read everything I made a lot of mistakes and assumptions.  After playing a couple months however, I learned a thing or two.  Let me share the War city information that might help you a bit.

First off, you need 8 cottages only.  It's not SimCity, so don't build more then that.  Don't build a warehouse.  I know, you're thinking you can preserve supplies if you get attacked, but there are easier ways to do it, and you will want the space later on.  At first, you can get by with all level 4 barracks, but later, you will definitely need all level 9's.  We start with level 4's because you can then build archers.  The greatest defense in Evony, is Archer Towers and Archers.  So we build lots of archers, and for this, we will need a lot of barracks.  You will want 1 of each building type, except warehouses, and 8 cottages.  The rest will go for barracks.  This should give you a possible barracks amount of 12-13.

For your resources, we want to build as soon as you can, a market place.  When you have that, then you can simply build Sawmills and Ironmines, with 1 farm, and 1 quarry.  You're thinking you need more food.  Thats actually not true.  You see with the marketplace, you will be able to sell wood and iron, for food and stone.  On most of the stable servers, food and stone are the cheapest, and iron and wood are the most expensive.

Valleys, are very important too.  Let others grab those lakes and swamps, we don't want them.  We want valleys that produce wood and iron.  When you have 90k archers, 40k swords, 1k ballys, and 10k pikemen, you will realize that those lakes, swamps, and farms only attribute about 200k food an hour.  While this might seem large for the new player, it's nothing to the player who spends 1 million food an hour.

As soon as you can, you will want to build NPC cities near you.  We can do this, by grabbing a nearby flat, building a city, then abandoning it.  When you abandon it, it turns into a level x (based on the level of the flat) NPC.  If you have level 10 archery, and level 9 Horseback riding, you can make level 5 NPC's.  If you are anything less, then you will want level 4 NPC's.  However keep in mind, we only want 2-3 level 4 NPC cities near us, and we wan the rest to be level 5 NPC's.  When you do have large armies, then you will need to attack those level 5 NPC's daily and at least 3x each.  The more you have, and the closer they are, the better.

For wall defenses, you are going to want 100 traps, 1000 arbatis, 50 Stone throwers, and the rest Archer Towers.  You should be able to achieve 15,000 or so Archer towers, at level 9 walls.  We make the traps, to extend the amount of range the archer towers have.  The 1k arbatis are for the cavalry, and also to build prestige.  The Archer towers, should keep most enemies at bay.  And the Stone Throwers are of course for the transports, catapults, and ballistaes that come at you.

Keep your gates open.  You can open them from the rally point.  There is a little check box, you will need to select to open them.  By opening them, then your inside forces will defend your city.  We can take a general assumption, that 15k Archer towers, equals about 75k archers attacking.  If we have 90k archer defending, then we have a base of about 165k archers, which will take out a force of archers equal to about 100k easily (which is the maximum).  If you happen to be online when such an attack happens, we can also rebuild 10%-50% (based on honor) of the troops that were wiped.  If we have less honor then the attacker, then we will rebuild 50%.  If you have more honor, it will be 10%.

When you have a large army of at least 100k in your main city - and I am not talking about warriors, workers, or wall defenses, then it's ok to build your second city.

Another important aspect, is scouts.  If you have more scouts then your enemy, then they can't get a read on you.  If however they have more scouts, they can get one.  This is why we need at least 75k to 90k scouts in each city, at all times.  If your gates are closed, and you have 75k or more scouts, but the enemy only sends in 1 scout, they will get a read on you.  This is why we need to leave the gates open.  I have had scouts sent against me of 37k, this is why you want 75k to 100k at all times in any city.  In fact, it's more important to build scouts, before archers.  If the enemy can't get a read on you, then they won't attack.

I mentioned above about there being an alternative to warehouses.  With the valleys near you, more specifically with deserts, we want to keep a level 1-3 valley.  This is a GREAT place to hide resources.  Just reinforce the valley, and remember to keep at least 1k scouts in there, add some archers to keep it safe, 1k-5k is best.  Now when you are being attacked, reinforce with whatever troops you want, such as scouts and transports, and keep your IRON and WOOD safe.  The rest isn't worth as much, so we don't want to save those.

If you have a question, please feel free to ask, and I will be sure to try and share some information with you either in a reply, or a new post.

11 Responses to Making War cities in Evony

  1. Archer says:

    stupid all we wanted was prestige tips

  2. whwh says:

    thanks alot alot alot i will use this. 😀

  3. hello says:

    ok thank you will use this alot thanks 😀

  4. Steve says:

    thanks for the tips

  5. jake says:

    i didnt bother reading past the 2 paragraphs because thats not the right way to build war cities. first of all for war cities u want more cottages for more population. when u have a high attack hero u want to produce more archers at once and u need more cottages for this. have a pop. of 50k to 60k is ideal so thats about 12 to 13 cottages.

    also u should not build lvl 4 npcs.. EVERR. lvl 5s are the only ones u should build besides lvl 10s.u want atleast 3 or more lvl 10s around u for the future when u will need them for the food they provide.

    at this point i only hit lvl 10s, about 40 a day and dont even waste my time on 5s

  6. Kazil says:

    with farms you can have more than 500k arch 100k warriors,100k scouts,10k for just one city

  7. paksit says:

    hello jake. can you give me some tips on farming lvl10npcs? thanks

  8. BadSeed says:

    No you’re stupid it say the proper way to make war cities….You can get prestige from making troops anyways. Plus prestige doesn’t matter. Get smarter.

  9. BadSeed says:

    Its a start for a war city…You should always have 4+ barracks i think…5 is better than 4..6 is better than 7, you get it. I know people with 21 barracks in there war cities though

  10. ZombiJesus says:

    Hey, why having Archery lvl.10 & horseback riding when you only need lvl.5 HBR , archery lvl.8 & MT lvl.5. You should have got more information then that.

  11. Spitt says:

    That was based on the original Evony, not the newer version. Was also posted idk how many game revisions ago, so some information will be off. Thank you for posting however and letting us know that the information is now erroneous.

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