MMO: How to play your favorite mmo, over a proxy

If you play MMO's, and for some reason can't play in your region, then this is for you.  This will allow you to force game traffic into your proxy that you have chosen.  Additionally, it can also be used to force traffic from an application to use a proxy.  However this was specifically intended to be used by gamers.  Imagine playing four instances on all different IPs.

Who uses this? Players who are banned by IP from playing, such as someone in China playing on WoW US servers.  Players who wish to bot, without worry of same IP bans.  Game hackers, who wish their regular account to be safe. 

The way to do this is really simple, it's in the use of a free tool, called Proxy Firewall.  This program will allow you to force all traffic from a game client through a proxy.  You can either buy private proxies, or find free ones on the internet.  However I want to warn you - if the proxy is known by the game company, they can still ban you for using the new proxy.  It's safest to set up your own proxy.

One thing... keep using your regular firewall.  Proxy firewall is great for forcing traffic through a specific IP, but terrible as a stand alone firewall.

Alternatively, you can also use a

VPN, which is rather easy to setup and is usually much more secure.

4 Responses to MMO: How to play your favorite mmo, over a proxy

  1. TomRiddle says:

    Can you use it to beat that stupid 72 minute viewing restriction watching things from megavideo?

  2. Spitt says:

    I don’t know the restrictions of that site. Likely you would have to go back to the same video, and fast forward to the place you want to watch, after changing your IP. However, if there are blocks specifically at that time in the movie, then it wouldn’t help get past it.

    Have you tried for videos instead?

  3. akai says:

    can this go through blocked ports in uni?

  4. Spitt says:

    Only if you can access the proxy, can you use it. Try to use a proxy to websurf, if it works, then it will work for the game.

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