Neverwinter: Level your professions AFK

First off, let's start with a tip. It might be common knowledge already, but if it isn't then you get the info now. If you mail or sell your first asset, you get the option to make an "emergency" that takes the full 18 hours that an additional one would take. However you can make one for each profession slot you have. So you can use an alt to make additional assets without spending the time to level your professions.

But what if you want to level your professions? Well you don't need to do it by yourself, there are actually a couple automated methods to do this. There is a javascript version which can be run via a browser, or one standalone closed compiled version. Personally, I prefer the open source javascript ones, because I get to see the code. Some people might instead want to have an easy to use method to leveling your professions, and we have that option too...

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