WoW: New 3.3.3 Gold Farming Spot!

Hello, The place I am about to introduce isn't well known and was not as profiting as it is until 3.3.3, Since the release of 3.3.3 the prices of Iceweb Spider Silk skyrocketed up to the stars this place is now one of the best farm spots.

We are going to farm Trapdoor Crawlers.

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They are found here in Zul Drak.

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They drop Iceweb Spider silk which sells for 20 gold each at my server.

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In fifteen minutes i was able to farm
22 Iceweb spider silk which calculates 440 GOLD
Vendor trash for 20 gold
and 2 greens which i disenchanted 30 gold ~~

2 Responses to WoW: New 3.3.3 Gold Farming Spot!

  1. kaneo says:

    my server price is on 4g each minimum (stormrage EU) would you still reccomend it?

  2. Spitt says:

    With the prices of gold these days? Easier just to buy the stuff, lol. If it’s now down to 4g each, then no. Not a good spot for you anymore.

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