Rift: A guide for those who don’t know the basics

A friend of mine, who played StarWars Galaxy, has been playing Rift. He calls me up every few days to ask about something. Something that I take for granted usually. Today, he was asking about the Auction House... and how to split stacks.

This guide is a listing of things which I take for granted as knowing... and how to split stacks. Lets get the splitting stacks, out of the way first.

Splitting Stacks

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To split a stack, press and hold , then left click on the stack you want to split. This brings up a small UI (User Interface) Window which will allow you to choose various sizes, like 1, 5, or even 17. Press , and the new stack will be split in your pack, in the next available space. This is useful for when you want to list 1 item, a partial stack, or just want to break things down, to list on the Auction House or trade somebody.

Bank Space

If you are new to the game, and you have found the bank character, then you might have started placing items in the bank. On the bottom bar of the bank window, there are some locked slots you can buy.  These spots, open up slots for you to place bags. This is not a single slot you will open, but rather an expandable slot which you can place any size bag in.

Each slot you purchase will cost more. The first few slots are cheap, but as you get more, they will cost more. For example, my last one cost about 10 platinum, the next one will cost 29 platinum.


First off, you can respecialize at your trainer. It will cost more each time you do it, however you won't have to pay again for skills you already upgraded. So if you paid to rank 4 of a spell, and then respec, you do not have to pay to level the skill 1-4 again. Instead you will pay from 4+.

Leveling Professions

Doing professions I think are pretty straight forward, but what happens, when you get stuck, say at level 75 and no matter what you do, you can't level beyond that point? If you can't get past level 57, 150, or 225, it means you need to go back to the trainer and train your skill to be allowed to level more.

If you are making recipes or gathering, and notice that skills don't level each time you do them, then this could be because they are color coordinated. Red is something you can't make or pickup. Orange is something difficult to make or pickup, you will get a point each time you do it. Yellow is still hard, but will get a point most of the time. Green is easy to do, you will get a point once in a while. Grey, is below your skill level, you can't use it to level.

New Spells

Every time, you use a point, to get a new spell after level 20, you should go back to the trainer, to learn any upgrades. Especially, if you get one from a secondary or third tree.


While I would like to say that training every other level is necessary, it's not really true. It is possible to actually get your spell upgrades every 4 levels. You won't be an imp for the most part, you will actually still be effective in most fights.


One of the first things you should purchase, are larger bags. On my server, bags are going for about 1 plat each, and open up 18 slots. So any new character I make, should have 4 of these bags. Larger bags, means less time to run to and from a vendor/mailbox, which in turns, speeds leveling time.


There are 2 mounts you will need in the game. The first is as soon as you can get it, the 60% mount. This one costs less then 3 plat. The second you will want/need is at level 50, the 110% mount.

Rested XP

You get rested XP, whenever you are in a major town, or where it says you have rested xp. Rested xp, allows you to get double the experience, for as long as you have it. You will notice a small arrow pointing down, beyond your current experience, on the xp bar. This indicates how much 2x xp you gain. Experience gained from killing monsters can use the rested xp. Quest turn ins, do not get double exp. You will gain about 5% of you total experience per level, for every 6 hours logged off.

To get rested xp, Log out, when you are in a area which has it, like Sanctum, Meridian, or Lanterns Hook. You can also get it, while logged in, but staying logged in in one city, looks a bit strange, when you do it for 6-12 hours a day. To make gaining rested exp easier, bind your soul in either Meridian or Sanctum. When you log off, you can first recall, which will allow you to get the bonus exp when you log back in.

The easiest way to take a guess on when you will have an area to gain rested xp, is to find a wardstone with a mailbox. These settlements tend to be large enough to get rested xp.

Auction House

The auction house (AH) can be tricky to navigate and very daunting. Understanding the basics, will help out a lot here. While I will go more in depth in a later post, here is a brief overview.

There is a cost associate with listing and selling any item. You can see what it costs to list an item in the lower left corner, after you place the item on the AH to sell. Changing the time the auction is up, will raise or lower the cost to list an item.  The cost, is based on the value of the item, when sold to a vendor. The fee is refundable, if the auction sells.

There is also a percentage, taken out from every auction sold. This is a percentage of the sale price. The fee is paid by the seller.

The AH is broken into categories, when you want to buy. Click a category, and then browse the items. Or do a search, by name. Once you click the category, it will only search in that category, unless you clear the search at the bottom.

If you are browsing for items, you can sort by different options, such as price, item name, and level. These are options are above the list. Just click the name, of what you want to sort.

If you bid on an item, there is a chance you might not win the item. This happens when someone bids higher then you, or if someone else buys the item out.

If you list an item for the wrong amount, you can cancel it, but you lose your deposit fees. If you make it too low, and someone bids on it, you won't be able to cancel the auction. If it was only bid on (not bought out), then you can out bid the person with an alt.


Aggro, is when you do too much damage in a battle, heal too much, or just step too close to a red titled mob.

In groups, it's important not to pull too much aggro away from the tank (unless you are the tank). Good healers will almost always pull aggro from a tank. So it's important that as a tank, you keep aggro and always watch who is getting hit.

If you are not the tank nor healer, and you pull aggro from the tank, expect to get cursed at a bit. If you do it on purpose, and continue to do it. Then you can expect to die in battle, as the healer will either "forget" to heal you, or will be so focused on the tank/self, could be too busy to heal multiple targets.


There are 3 major roles in any game, and the same is true with Rift. There is the DPS, those who usually do the most damage to a mob. The Healer, is the person in charge of keeping the party healthy, or resurrecting those who die in battle. The Tank, is the character, who aggro's everything, in the attempt to get the mobs to hit them instead of anyone else.  However Rift also has a 4th class, the Helper class. The helper class, is the character who can do some or all of the following; off-heal, battle buffs, and battle de-buffs. A bard is the perfect example of the helper class.

Upgrading Gear

When Leveling, you should upgrade gear, from the quests which you do, not from the Auction House. When you are leveling most every time you finish some quests, you will get a new item. These are perfect for leveling. You do not need to purchase new gear until you are level 50. This does not mean however you should not use your sourcestones to purchase gear. When you get them from closing rifts and invasions, you should always use these to purchase gear.

When you hit 50, you should either purchase or make the best gear possible. You will need it, to run Hard and Expert mode dungeons.

Planar Essences

Planar Essences go in your Planar Focus Slots. As you find these, put them in the focus. Once they are in there, you can't take them out, so choose wisely what to put in a slot. Understand that a lesser can go in a greater slot. However the greater slots are usually used for special abilities.

You will get one focus free from doing quests. You do not need to get another one, till you have saved 7500 Planarites. This will give you the fully upgraded one. Don't worry about spending them. By the time you hit 50, you will likely have received upto 25k Planarites.

Non-Combat pets (Companions)

Non-Combat Pets, also called Companions are for look only. They will not help you take down a mob, they will not get aggro, and for them most part are just fun to have items. Rouges however, should not have a companion out, when they are in PvP combat. Having one out, when stealthed, will give up their position.


I will attempt to append this post, if others want me to briefly talk about other things. So if you have a question, please ask.

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