Rift: Easy Leveling with Warrior

The versatility of the warrior class is rooted in its ability to choose from eight different souls that can be easily switched at any time for a small gold price. There are also game enhancements that give you the ability to swap easily from many builds for zero cost. This good rift warrior guide will point out available options that you can pursue on the Planes of Telara without being too constricting as to limit your ability to freewheel in such a challenging world.

Rift 1-50 Defiant Guardian Leveling Guides & Class Builds The best way to start developing a warrior character is by picking Champion during character creation. Champions have the bull rush ability which allows them to move from one kill to another with ruthless efficiency resulting to good time management and faster leveling. Another trick is to put 4 points on Champion to unlock Soldier's Bearing which gives you a 5% damage bonus for buff from the warrior trees. It's a convenient way to deliver extra damage while sustaining a basic build before specializing.

An excellent second soul especially for low level players is Riftblade because of its ability to cast spells, do magic, and attack based on a "skill based" damage scheme. What that means for players is that the damage is just as good even if your stats are bad. In this regard, Riftblade presents optimum leveling options for warriors because you can start questing at a higher level sooner because of the extra damage that Riftblade imparts. Still, it's worth trying out other rift warrior guide tips if you want to diversify from a standard build. However, if your end goal is to get to level 50 fast, Champion plus Riftblade is the perfect combination for your warrior.

You can choose to re-spec above level 18 as this is typically the ideal time to pick a path for your warrior. Bear in mind that each class has its specialty so it's best to know what rift warrior guides are saying about each build and soul combination before you pick the one that suits you.

In general, the warrior champion is a basic soul for the warrior class due to its excellent combat abilities. The battle sword damage scales with stats and you can work on Strength to enhance your attack skills as you level up. In comparison, warrior reavers are specialized with "Death" that lends higher damage in battle while warrior paladins excel in defense. You can actually pick a re-spec strategy that combines Reaver and Paladin for high-end defense with a specialized attack. The limitation in this build is that you compromise versatility by specializing but it works for most players looking for focused strategies especially for questing purposes.

Other rift warrior guide options are the warrior warlord and the warrior paragon; both classes only work with high level players as their attacks are heavily based on stats. Only consider these options if you are sure you can master the required builds for these warrior soul types.

Progressing in the new rift game can be tedious and time consuming. I have some really good news that just may help you get to level 50 quicker than you think. As a gamer myself it's important to find a trusted resource to help give you that edge above everyone else. Here is a good rift leveling guide, if you want to progress faster, and get some awesome builds. Enjoy!

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