Rift: Farming Level 50 Equipment via LFG

When you hit level 50, not only are you a new level 50, but you might as well go around naked. Your gear is what helped you level, but it doesn't really help you when you want to go do the end game stuff. In fact even if you farmed pvp favor on the way up, and have an extra 10k lying around, 10k is only going to get you a ring. Don't get me wrong, a PvP Ring, is better then a level 48-50 rare ring. The stat boost WILL help.

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But what happens when you decide you want to farm real PvE gear via dungeons? Well first you need to get in a group. Ok, so you join the LFG channel, hoping to get on and get in a group. Then you wait... and you wait... and you wait some more. In fact that happened to me. So after waiting for an hour, I came up with the idea to actually start doing instant adventures on Ember Isle. Why Ember Isle? Because you can also complete quests along the way too. Those quests get your Sourcestones, which along with Planarite can be used to gain some entry level epic PvE gear. But still, the LFG takes a while. In fact, if you play late night, like I do, it might take you 1-3 hours to get a group... unless you use this trick.

Really, I am ashamed that it took me this long to see it. But once I saw it, I was embarrassed too, lol. If you're level 50, and doing Instant Adventure randomly, you might have had to do some in the low level areas. So this might mean you had to be brought down a few levels. No big deal right? Brought your Ascended level down to mentoring level, possibly level 14? Well as it turns out, you can also do this for dungeons via the LFG tool.

So I tried it and BAM in a group. Then when the dungeon was over, I did it again... BAM in a group. And again... Of course it helped that I was able to tank. It also helped that I could bard. And of course that I could DPS. Add in all those combinations and I can usually find a group pretty quick.

So what's the tip? Well, if you want to farm level 50 PvE gear, there are 2 ways to do it...

  • Do Instant Adventures while using the LFG tool.
  • Use the LFG tool while having the Mentoring box checked.

Both of these methods work well, one will get you gear from the Rare Planar vendors, the other from the PvE Vendors.

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