Rift: Feros Guide Review

First off, if you are familiar with Killer Guides ebooks, you will know I am no fan. Killer Guides basically rewrites the official manual, rehashes crap that can easily be found, and claims it's a new strategy guide to level 1-xx in 1-2 weeks. This appears to be a re-marketed Killer Guide. Fero's Rift Guide is...

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Fero's guide is 45 pages (first 5 are indexes and a 1/2 page intro), but due to graphics on the page, the text actually takes up about 1/3 of the page. If this were written without the graphics, it would be a 12-14 page guide.

Dungeon walkthrough

It talks about dungeons, and what will happen when taking on the bosses. It doesn't tell you any tricks. It simply describes each fight and basic information.

For example, Ashtone in Iron Tombs...

Ashtone: Simple yet hard. He has a DoT that stacks onto the tank, making healing more and more difficult. Just dump everything you have on him to get through it before the healer runs out of mana.


They discuss builds, but they are simple builds, almost as though they never played the game or got it from other sites. Here is a Cleric Inquisitor build they have. Note that they only give 5 total builds and they are all outdated.


PvP is briefly discussed as well. Here's their complete guide on Black Garden...

The first one available is the Black Garden. You need to collect a Tear of Regulos from the middle of the map and hold it. Doing so gives you points per second but also continually reduces your hit points. killing someone with the tear causes it to drop and anyone can pick it up. Your best bet here is to bring the tear closer to your spawn base and protect the person holding the tear. Typically 2 healers on them is enough to keep them alive. First one to 500 points wins, 10 players per team.

That brief excerpt takes 1/4 page of their guide, and as you can see it's basic info.

Auction House

Their AH guide mantra is "buy low, sell high".

Leveling Guide

The actual leveling guide is something like this...

Moonshade Highlands follows, where you will quest to level 40. Runic Descent can be found in this zone.

Droughtlands will get you to 45 without too much trouble. The local dungeon is Fall of Lantern Hook.

Congrats, you just used their leveling guide to level from 35-50 using Fero's leveling guide!


Don't buy this guide. Don't waste your money on this shizz. It is complete and utter crap. Don't believe me? Let the shark tell you what he thinks about this guide...

Fero's Rift Guide = Shark Poop

If you still don't believe me and the shark, and want to waste some money on this shite, you can buy it here.

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