Rift: Over Powered Rogue Build – Assassin Bard Marksman

written by Spitt, of mmoexploiters.com

Before yesterday, I was running my previous Assassin build. This included a small amount on the Riftstalker tree, and a bit more invested in the Ranger tree. The idea, was to be a very versatile Rogue, with the ability to be either an in-your-face melee fighter or a ranged dps with pet. Up till about level 32, this was an awesome build. Then I hit a wall. I was so far ahead in my quests, I could no longer take down the mobs. Admittedly, I was trying to take down mobs which were 3-4 levels above me. The problem I had however, was that if more then one mob came at me, I died. Sure, I could use health potions and damaging items… but it was never enough.

So I rebuilt myself. This build is highly dependent on the Assassin tree. It is mainly an In-Your-Face melee build. It does not have a pet, though a small modification would allow you to have one. This will allow you to either be a melee or kite dps ranged. It also allows you to be a helper healer.

One thing I want to add about this build. It is NOT a burst damage DPS. It’s not a quick damager. Instead, it’s built for sustaining… almost tanking mobs… without a cleric standing by to heal you. It’s meant to solo level, and able to complete 97.8% of the quests while they are yellow or orange to you. This in itself is a great Solo PvE/Leveling spec.  If you are looking for Max damage DPS, then keep watching this site.

The thing I like about this build the most, is being able to take on 2-4 mobs which are 1-2 levels above me, without much problem. The heal abilities, coupled with blind is awesome. Add in a couple escapes with speed boosts or vanishing tricks, and this makes for a fun build.

Before I go any further, explaining this build, let me link the actual build for you: Assassin (32) / Marksman (2) / Bard (32).

As you can see, it’s only got 2 points in Marksman. This is the tree, which could be changed for another you are more comfortable with. This is however the tree, which allows me to kite mobs if I choose.


1 Down, 4 to Go - Spitt's OP Rogue Build


I want to point out, that I chose to go with 32 points in Assassin and Bard, each. There is no reason, you couldn’t take 1 point from each and put it into a different tree, like Ranger. But if you do, you won’t be able to kite effectively. Also, placing the extra 2 points in Marksman likewise, will not allow you to kite more effectively. Having one extra point from Bard and placing it in Assassin – is an option, but by doing it 32-2-32, I was able to unlock a couple extra abilities.

To kite mobs, we need 3 abilities. In Marksman, we will use both Swift Shot and Hasted Shot.  From Assassin, we use Malicious Strike. Attack your mob from afar, using Swift Shot, and when you have 5 points on the mob, use Hasted Shot. You can use this to the start to strafe around the mob. If the mob gets too close, we use Maicious Strike on it, which will slow it down, allowing us to once again start the kiting. Optional for this, is to also use Improved Anthem of Confidence, which gives us a speed boost in kiting.

Now in melee, I took the best of the best, and removed redundant abilities from my action bars. For example, I do not use Savage Strike. Instead I opt to use Swift Shot, which can be used at melee range. I also do not use Coda of Wrath nor Baneful Touch, and instead opt for Final Blow, which does more damage. Once I hit the 32 points tree at level 50, I will use Impale on the Assassin tree.

This character has 2 healing spells, which is what allows us to take on multiple mobs at the same or slightly higher level, with no problems. Earlier today, I had 5 rift mobs on me. Using Cadence along with Motif of Regeneration, I was able to take them all out. However I did also use a Healing Tonic, to help with keeping my health up, in the early stages of the battle. Motif of Regeneration, is a Heal Over Time (HOT), as is Cadence, when we have 3/3 in Invigorated Soul. Cadence, is also a damaging spell. However since it doesn’t do much actual damage, we use it in combination with Final Blow. This allows us to actually stay alive, then use Final Blow, to decimate the enemy. It takes 2 Cadence casts, to max out 5 points, for Final Blow to do max damage.

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When I know I am going to be in close combat, it’s important to remember to use Anthem of Glory. This gives us a increased Armor Value. This is helpful to defer some damage to ourselves. It helps to mitigate about an extra 4% of damage.

If we have a few mobs on us, we will blind one of them, preferably a caster or healer, using Blinding Powder. Remember to halt wind up attacks with Foul Play, near the end of the casting time. This will cause the caster to lose an extra 1-2 seconds as well.

In battle, we will use each of these abilities, near every fight, Motif of Bravery, Motif of Focus, and Expose Weakness. The latter, you can put on, while sneaking up to the enemy with our Improved Stealth ability, is this is your first battle. A nearby mob, you can also Incapacitate them.

If you get to an “Oh SH17” moment, at the top of the Assassin tree, is the ability Slip Away. While this is a great little ability, any Damage Over Time (DOT) spells on you, won’t hurt you for 3 seconds… but after those 3 seconds you will drop from stealth. This is when you need to get out of there, and away from any mobs right away. The nice thing about it, is it will also drop any aggro you had. So if you managed to aggro 4 mobs, but were only going after 1, it will reset the aggro on all the mobs.

If the mob I am attacking, is near low on health, I like to use Cadence and Puncture. This will get me 5 pips on a mob quickly, and allow me to do some Final Blow damage on it. It’s good to use this, when a group of mobs is on you, and you want to get that last bit of health off the mob as quickly as possible.

When taking on boss mobs, we want to use all our Motifs, and keep them refreshed on the mob as often as possible. I also like to use the Anthem of Glory, for the armor value benefit for my party members. In battle, I will use Cadence along with Hasted Shot if I am not near the mob, or Final Blow if I am. I will also put Expose Weakness and Poison Malice on the mob. While I haven’t tried it, you might prefer to use Poison Malice along with Baneful Touch.

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Something I noticed, is that Anthem of Competence will stack with Stealth, to allow us to move faster. This can be used in conjunction with Slip Away, to allow us to move farther away, more quickly. However, it does not stack, when riding a mount, even though it will show the visual representation, that it does.

Thats my improved, over-powered Rogue build. If you have any changes, let me know. One thing I do want to mention however, is that with this build… while slow, I was able to solo a major rift, taking on one mob at a time.


Self tanking, taking on a mob higher level then me with 2.5x the health, using no potions... it's barely damaging me.



3 Responses to Rift: Over Powered Rogue Build – Assassin Bard Marksman

  1. Spitt says:

    Ran IT at level 40. Surprisingly, completed it. Some people talk about running it at 50…

  2. JOE says:

    guys dont use this. lol build

  3. Spitt says:

    Actually, I use this build in eT1’s and eT2’s as well. For solo leveling, its killer. For eT1’s and eT2’s I use it when we have an over-confident healer, who wants everyone to go DPS. If I use it for straight DPS in an eT1, then I will often be the top DPS. If I need to range shot/kite the MM does really well for that as well – and yes I get high dps. If the over-confident healer ends up needing help on healing… I’m there too. I know it sounds like a strange build, but it’s the one I goto when I need to travel through rough areas or solo.

    Last night, we were doing a raid rift, and let me tell you. This build helped in that one too. Someone else was set as “bard” but wouldn’t keep the motifs up, so I helped with that. It also allowed us to get 2 Anthems up, which we needed. The extra healing, was also needed.

    I also have a tank build, full bard, and a full dps build… but in terms of survival – including when I have 4-5 level 50s on me. This one is kick-a$$

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