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Someone who hasn’t played this combo, or wonders why the necro/warlock is considered over-powered by most people will take interest in this article. It’s to explain the combination of spells which brings this one over the top. It however also combines with the Chloromancer, which makes this a heavy hitter when it comes to builds. It’s a STRONG PvE build. Read this guide to learn to play this Build (linked at the bottom).

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The combination which makes this so Over Powered, is a Health to Mana spell, multiple spells which heal the mage, and damage the target at the same time, along with a pet which can  most times, hold aggro. This allows us to never run out of mana, health, and always keep our pet tanking and healed. Here are the specific spells, which allow us to do this;

These 3 spells, we want to keep on an enemy target at all times, refreshing as they run out.

Essence Link – Reduces any healing the enemy receives by 30% for 60 seconds. Causes undead pets to heal the pet owner for 6 health each time the pet deals damage.
Life Leach – Places a leeching effect on the enemy causing 29 Death damage over 12 seconds and healing the Mage by 30% of the damage done.
Radiant Spores – Surrounds the enemy with phytotropic spores for 16 seconds, giving any allies who damage the affected enemy a 15% chance to heal themselves for 100% of the damage they dealt.

When mana starts to get below 70%, we cast Sacrafice Life: Mana. This is our Health to Mana spell.

Now we have a spell which will damage the enemy and Heal both us, as well as our pet.

Soul Purge – Channels deadly energy into the enemy, inflicting 283 Death damage over 8 seconds and healing the caster and their pet for 593 health over 8 seconds. Consumes Charge while channeled.

You should be able to get off 2 of these, fully charged.

If only your pet is hurting, we can use Revivify, which heals our pet – allowing it to tank more. This is great for when there are 2 or more hard hitting enemies on our pet.

Now to damage the enemy, we can use any of our spells. The key however, is to build charge, so we can use  our Improved Plague Bolt. Another ability which is good for building up charge is to use Draining Bolt, which also heals us.

To interrupt the enemy, we have a couple spells we can use. In the Chloromancer tree, we have Choke which will silence the enemy. We also have a quick interrupt courtesy of the Warlock tree, Dark Fury. Wait till the enemy is almost finished casting a long casting spell or a summons, to be the most effective with these spells.

We also have a few spells which can heal us only;

Reconstruct – Channels the Mage’s Charge into Health. Consumes Charge while channeling.
Bloom – Heals an ally for 159 to 164 health. 
Flourish – Heals up to 10 allies within 20 meters for 287 to 292 health.

Here’s my OP Mage build. Hope you enjoy!

It’s keen to remember, that we want at least 16 points in the Necromancer tree to start, and the rest in the Warlock tree, until we max the Warlock tree out. Then we shift to the Chloromancer Tree. If you have 2500 Favor, the Archmage tree is effective in PvP. However for PvP, we want Archmage/Warlock/Chloromancer. We lose a powerful spell, Soul Purge, from the Necromancer tree, however most people know in battle, not to attack the pet, and the pet is not the main damager anyways. However if you choose, you can drop Chloromancer and take Necromancer with the 16 points in this tree, to get Soul Purge.

Got any changes you think would make this even more powerful? Post them in the comments and share your knowledge!

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    Hrm, i guess people were looking for a post like this. I actually made the mistake of posting it too early, but I guess that’s ok, considering how many people have viewed it today. Unfortunately I thought I was going to have more time to setup…

    Still want people to tell me what they think of the build even putting 1 to 5 stars as a vote for the write up and build would be nice…


    Hi mate, Thx for a awesome build and a nice guide with it. I played the beta and now I just started with the real thing. Im lvl20 atm and trying your build, So far Its been fun, having the possibility to drain life for mana and never going out of mana etc.

    Got a question tho. I find myself playing the piano while dps’ing (hitting 1-9 buttons) to set up all the dots and so forth, Am I using to many dots? and also, when I first started off I used the deadly bolt and necrosis. Do you use em at all or have you completely jumped over to voidbolts and dark touch?.

    Sorry If am beeing a complete newb and asking you silly questions.


    plague bolt, not deadly bolt*


    Really, it comes down to what you are comfortable with.

    My main thing has been trying to keep my health above 70% and my mana in that range as well. I have been able to take on elites, solo (with my pet), as long as I don’t get multiple elite pulls.

    Are you using too many dots? If the mobs die, and you have plenty of health and mana… then no, lol. I have found in groups however that yes, it’s too many dots, simply because everyone wants to hit the same mob as someone else, but that will cause you not to be able to put all your spells on it. If you aren’t the focus of the mob, then you don’t need as many DOTs/HoTs. At that point, just do your best.

    In public quests, you want to get as many quick spells on the mobs as quickly as possible, so don’t do the long casting spells. You will understand why, once you try it out. Just spam one of your sells which you can cast quickly.

    Hope that helps.

    Again, play it how you feel comfortable, I chose a specific play style, to be able to just hit/kill and never need healing/mana.


    Brilliant build/guide mate. I played a stormcaller up until about lvl 38 – and my god, was it a struggle to quest on your own. If more than 1 mob came at it was pretty much bye, bye.

    Now, although I try not to make a habit of it, I can survive 4-6 mobs without much difficulty. I’ve only reached lvl 42 at the moment, so haven’t spec’d heavily into Chloromancer, but will get there (eventually)

    However, i did find that putting 1 point in the necro tree under “Ancient Tomb” made questing a heck of a lot easier. That skeletal rogue can certainly hold aggro a heck of a lot better than the skeletal warrior. Perhaps thats just my play style…

    Great guide nonetheless!


    Glad I could help :)

    Keep the comments and suggestions coming! Love to hear what readers think.


    I like this build and your advice on rotation. I haven’t even respecced yet to fix my build but just reading the rotation helped me tremendously.

    On the talent build on Zam, I think Ancient Tomb is missing the info about it giving you an upgraded tank pet as well as rogue pet. With that said, I noticed you stopped short of the pet upgrade, as well as Feign Death.

    Did you try Feign Death and just not find it useful? What are your thoughts on the upgraded pet at higher levels? Is it worth it?

    I am thinking of backing off two points in the healing tree for the upgraded pet and Feign Death. But I realize I’d also have to spend 4 more points to be eligible for that level of talents. Now I see why you stopped short of that level.

    So is it something you’d consider (the upgraded pet mainly) ?


    If you follow the rotation correctly, you really shouldn’t need Feign Death – holding off a group of mobs, or even an elite, possibly 2, isn’t difficult, but elites would take longer to take on.

    I specifically go after certain talents, to max them out. Brian above mentioned using the skill point for Ancient Tomb and liking it, but I wouldn’t run a changed build personally, since this one works so well… but I also tried a full Necro Tree/Minor in Warlock, and I got my arse kicked.


    I apologize for the criticism, but there are several points I suggest you allocate differently. To begin with, you have Improved Void Bolt and Deadly Plague maxed out. Next, Neddra’s Torture and Draining Bolt are currently severely underpowered. The abilities are cool, but the numerical values are pretty sad. The points would be better spent in Opportunity. Next, potency. A DoT spec is not meant to have high crit. Plain and simple. Points would be much more effecting in Dark Power.

    As for Necro, the tree works out alright. Points could be shifted from Symbiote to Flesh Rot if you want that extra kick. Thats why we have lifetap and chloromancer. Also, the point in Consumption is a tad useless for soloing. This isn’t a PvP spec.

    On the Chloromancer tree, stuff looks alright. Can’t exactly go wrong with this tree.


    Been playing a few weeks experimenting with a few builds and never finding 1 i really liked all that well, so i decided i would give this 1 a try.I really have been surprised,this does decent dps,and has a survivability,using the rotation given, that i never expected a Mage to have.Thx for the exeptional build,although i may use the few tweeks Lucas presented when they become available,but all-in-all an outstanding build.Thx again!!!


    I hope you don’t mind asking for you to elaborate on your description of this build. For instance you say that both Void Bolt and Deadly Plague is maxed out. Am I to assume you mean then that these should be left alone at 1/5? Since you suggest taking Opportunity what level do you recommend x/5? At full Symbiote adds 13.5 more heal points rewarded to Essence Link, do you really think this is wasted points?
    Mind you I’m not criticizing you here, I am only asking for clarification. Thanks.


    Only going 16 points into necromancer, your pet will have a max level of 30.


    neddras influence in the lock tree is also somethn to think abt, adds 15% damage to your dots plus 0.6% for each point invested in the lock tree and at the full 51 points it would be an additional 30.6% which is a nice increase granted you would lose some spells you might want out of the other trees. idk if it affects dots from other trees like the necs dots if it did than that would be a nice pick up, i have full lock 3 into chlor for the life draining dot and 12 into nec for the grave rot. but its just somethn to think abt just find what fits you.


    Maxing both Deadly Plague and Improved Void Bolt really does seem wasteful to me. The Deadly Plague points seem better spent in Death’s Ally since it improves damage for both you and your pet. Even with five stacks of Deathly calling, Void Bold is still the better nuke.

    I often forget that I even have Symbiote and Essence Link. Between Soul Purge and Life Leech, I am never low on health even if I am draining my HP pool into mana.

    My build ends up dumping five into Death’s Ally, three into Flesh Rot and five into Fresh Graves (increased Necrosis damage and time + 100% chance for pet’s Grave Touch to deal 50% extra damage while Necrosis is up and 10% reduced damage to pet), one into Consumption (because why the hell not?), one into Grave Rot for an extra AOE, and finally Soul Purge.


    I put together this build primarily because quite honestly because of this initial post. I found that putting a solid 33/33 increases pet damage by 66% and my own dot damage by 35%. I didn’t want to feel crippled if my pet did die during a pull and have myself losing a huge chunk of my DPS.

    With this build you get the extra Crowd control; polymorph, fear, choke, wither, death’s grasp could also be considered a cc. The passive buffs to damage and critical from the warlock tree. A buff to life leech, (again I do realize I took several points out of symbiote, my pet does tend to die quite often..)

    There are also four area of effect spells; Grave Rot, Devouring Shadows, Mortality and I also consider Radiate Death talent adding one more. I just find having Grave Rot cast.. and then wondering which mob to dot up wastes a ton of global cool downs to throw dots out (and you also run the risk of tabbing onto the wrong mob in your hasty tabbing)

    I like having Neddra’s Essence to give the tank time to pull back off of me. Or if I want to let loose, Sacrifice life : Damage, and Lich really puts the zerg behind soul purge when it’s boss time. It’s just nice having the three different modes, single target, aoe, and zerg; compared to hasty tabbing and the associated pinky cramps. : )

    Let me know what you think, I figured this is a pretty balanced build, with not too many spells to cram up those action bars!


    In your Chloromancer tree, wouldn’t it be better to take the 2 points you have in Accelerated Growth and put that instead into Healing Slipstream? You lose 2% of damage from your life spells, but Healing Bloom becomes instant cast.

    (I just started Rift, and I don’t have anybody even to 20th level, so feel free to tell me what surprises I’m in for at higher levels, if I’m misunderstanding something about the usefulness of healing. I’m presuming that the Healing Bloom will scale with level. Otherwise, when I have a million HP, this 160 heal won’t seem useful. Of course, if it’s not great, that’s all the more reason not to waste time casting it.)


    ive been playing and im a lot higher lvl now. i tweaked my build a little bit. im constantly topping dps in warfront usually top 3. ive had no problem soloing at all. recently had a group quite out during a dungeon it was just me the tank and a healer and we killed the boss, the dots apply massive damage it just lacks burst damage, and i usually beat pyros without to much of a problem between my health dots, and i can pull 5 mobs without dieing sometimes i have to use mortality of course tho. plus opportunity usually procs well for me allowing my void bolt to be an instant cast for extra damage between the dots, if your looking for a build to try or need a good soloing build you can try it out between improved warlock armor (10%) dark power (10%) neddras influence (15% +(0.6% x 51= 30.6%) = 45.6%) deaths ally (5%) your dots are 70.6% more damage and 3 points into flesh rot gives your necrosis 130.6% more damage which is nice. sacrifice life will also add 10% more and empowered darkness 75% more damage thats a big increase in dps. anyhow this is my build give it a try if you like


    I tried the build of Devon but no way I can beat an level 20 elite and I am 23 atm when I write this….


    I started off playing a pyro/elem/dom and then switched to warlock/necro/chloro and found that the warlock spec is an absolute beast. I can kill and heal at the same time, its like a DPS and a Healer all in one. Im only lvl 28 but i rarely die and if i do its cause my pet dies and there are 3 or more mobs on me. Im using the warlock as my main tree and using necro and chloro as support, with all the dots that warlock gives u, you should have no problem.. oh and use fear if u have to.


    At lvl 29 im in scarwood pass fighting against lvl 30+ and its literally a cake walk, i kill 2-3 mobs with ease, i do use fear just to control the battle, but all 3 drop after about 30 seconds.. my rotations are
    1 Neddra’s Torture, Life Leech, Dark Touch, Necrosis, Withering Vine, the SPAM Void bolt and there gone.
    I use radiant spores after withering vine if im in a RAID, and use Essence Link if there are more than 2 MOBS.

    I hope this helps… My soul Trees———>


    Warlock/Necro/DOMINATOR Build

    I might suggest as a very powerful alternative to the Chloro add is the Warlock/Necro/Dominaator build. Dominator in combination with a maxed out Warlock tree (I will post my entire build later, RIFT is down right now and can’t elaborate) and select points in Necromancy is truly awesome to use.

    I will post the stats and rationale in a later post. For now, check out Dominator with many of the comments above re. Warlock/Necro(some of which I have different but more to follow).

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