Rift: Platinum/Gold making tip

These tips, go out to all my fellow Rift lovers, who got to play in the Headstart with me. They are 3 tips, which will help you to maximize your profits.

If you have been playing the AH... Don't. Wait till the official Launch, and then play the AH. This will allow a much larger audience to view your wares.

Also make sure you put a 24-48 hour timer on anything aimed at lower level characters. This will allow them the time to gain enough gold or plat, to purchase your wares.

Last, make a trade mule. This is a character that you level up to 5-10, and then park in the nearest city which has a Mailbox, Auction House, and Bank. A trade mule, allows you to mail items to yourself, which in turn allows you to remotely list items on the AH, as well as to store items, not in your farming packs.

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