Rift: Rogue Stealth Farming in Abyssal Precipice

After the 1.1 Patch, stealth farming in Charmer's Couldron isn't worth the time anymore (just one Twilight Bloom Node is easily accessible). In Abyssal Precipice however, nothing really changed, so we can still do this easily (till the next patch anyways). There are up to 5 easy nodes (Ore, Wood and Plant). Provided you have the skills, you can harvest all nodes, except the ones after the first boss.

One run takes about 5 minutes, and can be run on non-expert. As far as I know there are different spawn locations, based on whether you are in expert mode or non-expert mode.

Before doing this, be aware that stealth got nerfed, so don't stand too close to a mob. Remember to always watch for patrols.

First node, just watch the paroling riptide

Second node, sap the first of this stone like mobs, and watch for the patrols.

Third node, just grab, there are no mobs nor patrols there.

Near the first Boss, just avoid running into him, again 2 easy nodes

The next 2 nodes, are right after the first boss. There aren't any mobs, so these two are the easiest in this dungeon.

To get to the last node...
On the way back out again, walk the green line, so the wolf will recognize you. He will wake up and walk a little to the left. Sap the marked mob, loot the node.

Run out, reset, rinse and repeat. After 5 resets, and the "cannot reset" message. Just log out and in again, this will reset the queue again, allowing us to do this over and over again.

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