Rift: Why you should do Collections

In Rift, we have the option to collect these little sparkly things off the ground. They might be books, pages of a book, a troll's Toenail, a holy artifact or any number of things. If you click on one, it allows you to put it into your collections.

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What these collections do, is allow you to purchase vanity items. The first one you collect will get you a quest, and allow you to collect more of them. The next ones you collect will allow you to turn them in, for gold and Lucky Coins. These coins, then can be used for purchasing items such as vanity pets, musical instruments, underwater breathing abilities, transformation of your character into something like a monk, or even a 110% mount (this guide is based on beta, more things might be added later).

For the Defiant, the Artifact Collector (and vendor), can be found in Meridian at Freemarch.

For those of you thinking this is a bit like Archaeology in WoW... don't. It's not based on WoW, its based on other games. I first saw the concept in EQ2. So think of WoW's Archaeology based on another game's idea.

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