Rip Midi Music from Games and other files

Once in a while, you'll be playing an older game, and be wishing that you could listen to just that small track.  Or perhaps you found a really small file, with an embedded music track that when opened plays? *cough* keygen *cough* For whatever the reason, you might wish you could rip the music out of the files and play it.  There are a few solutions.  However there are also some alternatives as well.

The alternatives are actually easier then the solutions, so we'll start there.  There are some websites, who will provide the ripped files, or midi files provided by the program writers.

  • (click files then music)

If you want to rip the music yourself... thats a bit more of a feat. Here's a couple tools you can use.

  • Resource-Grabber (
  • EZ Extract Resource (

You can also follow this guide (, but it's for older PC users.  I presume you could solder together a microphone wire with a speaker wire, and get the same effect as they suggest.

There is a better guide ( which will tell you how to rip the music, using one of the tools above.

If you are a YouTube addict, then you might also be interested in this (  It's a video site which provides demos of scene releases.  Scene releases are small demos or intros to games which some groups release, for recognition and promotion of the game.

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  1. MonekyMan2000 says:

    I have been looking for ages for a program like this! Thanks again!!!

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