Runes of Magic: Crafting guide – Player Made Runes

Runes are an essential part of Runes of Magic (ROM).  There are several types and they have different purposes.  This post is going to discuss the runes that are used for enhancing your gear.

Runes drop randomly from mobs located throughout Taborea.  If you notice a particular type of rune is dropping from mobs where you’re completing quests, you should note the location and mob if it’s one you might need in the future.  I haven’t seen any rune databases on the internet yet.

Base runes can be attached to your armor by right-clicking the rune then left-clicking the item you want to enhance.  Only items with rune slots can be equipped with runes.  Think gems and gem-slots from World of Warcraft or talisman from Warhammer Online.  Placing a rune with a stat that is important to your class into EVERY AVAILABLE SLOT is the minimum every player should do to enhance their performance.  If you’d like to increase the effectiveness and impact of runes on your gear then you can transmute multiple runes into something more powerful.

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