Runes of Magic: How to Texture Edit (skin) + Tools

Textures are tiles with some image that are printed onto the surface of graphic models. Graphics are based on textures, models and programs using them. Editing textures is completely harmless since everything is client side, not server side (only viewable by you). Frogster probably wouldn't mind changing these because the changes are afterall only seen by you so the other players won't be annoyed. But if you enjoy custom look games... Here is your chance!

(well there is a hack opportunity if you for example make some walls invisible and get some advantage by seeing something through them before you should)

1) FDB Extractor

  • This is the one you start with. You choose one texture from those fdb files and extract it somewhere to be able to edit it
  • fdbs are found C:Program FilesRunes of Magicfdb (default)
  • For example texture0.fdb

2) DXTbmp

  • Is crusial tool for texture editing. It works as a converter (in this case for DDS-files) and it's very easy to use and connects a direct link to your editor...
  • Opens almost all kinds of images (bmp, png, tga, dds, jpeg... etc.)
  • Remember to save your texture as DDS-file after edition and keep the alpha channel if it has one

3) Sumopaint

  • This is online image editor which is quite similar to Adobe Photoshop but has less features
  • You can always use ms paint (window's default image editor ---> easy to use but poor features)
  • Alternative Editor to use is GIMP or Paint.NET
  • The best editor would be Adobe Photoshop CS4 (if you want it for free, try searching a trusted torrent)

4) Using your textures

  1. Copy your edited textures (with full paths) to the Runes of Magic folder
  2. Remember to keep the original names for your texture files
  3. For example: C:Program FilesRunes of Magictexturecharacterpchumanfemaleyour edited
  4. Delete your texture folders from your Runes of Magic folder to return to original textures

5) Art skills

  • They make your textures look more magnificent ^^
  • When editing the texture tile, you need some experience about how the image really fits on the models (how it looks in the game) so to reach satisfying edition, you should test your textures at the times in the game to see what goes wrong and where so you can go back to editor and fix it... (don't be too strict because it's going to take the whole day to make those textures look perfect...)


  • You may need to make the textures directory.
  • Shields are saved as .ros files, and are drawn in half.

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