Starcraft 2: 2v2 Basic Strategy Terran & Terran Vs ??

The Teran and Terran team up (TT) makes for a fast cheese, a pretty strong mid-game push, good timing pushes, or strong late-game mix army. TT team is quite hard to make a good army unless you counter. Scans make the TT have very good map control. They will also have double the base drops. Reapers and Thors make TT that much more annoying to kill.

Basics TTv?? Strategy

  1. Scan
  2. Counter
  3. Harass

Basic Terran-Terran Build Order

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The build order for dual T is rather basic. Any 1v1 strategy should be the basic start for both Terrans.

For cheesing, the idea is basically killing 1 of the 2 opponents and hopefully be able to rush the second person. Here's a few I have seen.

   1) Proxy rax and build marines (optional/BO reactor) to rush 1 base and then keep building marines to overwhelm other base. (Assume that the one who you don't rush doesn't 
   2) Reaper rush. Each T rush their respective opponents, crippling opponents economy and ultimately killing them.

Remember: Cheese is hard to come back from being generally all-in. In 2v2, however, it depends on how economically hurt your opponents are. It's not impossible to comeback from a cheese if both players on the opponents team are very badly hurt, under the assumption that they are only able to defend with what they have AND didn't counter push. Walling up and building siege tank and turrets could carry the game to mid game and able you to catch up and change strategy. If it is a 2v1, most people will definitely play it out since there is an outstanding chance of winning. However, people become overconfident and continue with the cheese until it wins. MOST IMPORTANT in a 2v1 is scouting, you will undoubtedly out produce your 1 opponent even with your weak cheese economy, what you have to be careful for is losing the 2v1 edge, safest route is turtle up and get siege tanks and turrets.

For a more solid build, each Terran should have a certain army composition. Here's a few I have seen.

   1) T1: MM&M army. T2: Mech army; (ending with a mid-game-ish army) 
      Reason: MM&M for base drops, harass, flanking, defend, generally semi-mobile army. Mechs for strong defensives army both to obtain map ctrl, defend, more macro and teching.
      Pros: Easy to attack, very good harass, map ctrl, can fairly contain opponents.
      Cons: Hard to defend if countered, armies are generally split, relies on harass throughout the game.  
   2) T1: Rax/Factory army. T2: Starport army; (ending with a mid-late game army)
      Reason: Depending on the composition(T1) of the army and counters of the opponent army, you can become very defensive or offensive. T2 can effectively harass, defend and 
      ctrl air space.
      Pros: Very diverse, T1 can go up against many strag depending on the player's imagination. T2 can fill in the gaps of what T1 lack or doesn't have. 
      Cons: Being diverse, you must know what your opponent is up to and army composition and play accordingly. T1 must be flexible and counter effectively meanwhile not 
      overlaping with what T2 has done, whehter it's aa(viking) or anti-ground (banshee).


The ideas noted here are relative and is subject to change depend on the games progession. These are some personal experience that may well only work for the games I have played. Nevertheless, I put it out for you to browse and improve where you see fit.

TT Transition

Transition will happen throughout a game as you continually scan the opponent to check out what they are doing. However, you don't always have to changing what you are building, just be sure to change accordingly.

Transition in a 2v2 is fairly similar to 1v1 with the exception that your partner can cover if you and your partner have good coordination.

In a TT team, transition are fairly simple and short. If you are in transition against a zerg army, prepare to build extra rax/factories/starport to match zergs army. If you are in transition against a terran army, you must match unit production or higher unit tech to be effective. If you are in transition against a protoss army, quality of your units and army will be more important. Carefully watch for counters and counter back.

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credit to Team Liquid for this guide

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