Starcraft 2: 3 Ways To Micro Your Army Better strategy guide

written by T. Faulkner

Today I want to share a little bit of what I've learned about the other aspect of the game...Micro.

Micro is basically your ability to control your individual units and armies out on the battlefield. I consider macro to be a more important skill, but micro definitely comes more into play at the higher levels and can help you win games. If you're looking for strategies that extend far beyond that of micro and macro, take a look at the best (in my opinion) SC2 Guide on the net.

A lot of micro depends greatly on your own personal mouse control. If you aren't real great with your mouse, it will be hard to select units and move them around separately. Mouse control is something that you'll develop over time with practice, so don't get discouraged if you can't do excellent micro yet, just keep working on it and keep trying, it will make you better.

Now I obiously can't cover everything about micro in this one post, so I'm going to cover 3 basic strategies, kiting, positioning, and spell casting.


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You can use micro to kite units that have a shorter firing range than your units. A couple examples are Marauders against Roaches and Hydralisks against Zealots. To kite effectively, you'll want to keep your units at their maximum range while still doing damage.

When kiting, what you need to do is right click away from your attackers, then hit "A" on your keyboard and click toward them. This will make them move away, then attack toward so all your units stick together and get the most shots off as possible.

To kite most effectively, you need to know the firing rate of your units. This will help you know how long to move between attacks. If you do it right you can run away and still put out almost 100% damage.

Example: Marauders fire once every 1.5 seconds. So to kite most effectively with Marauders you want to move away for 1.5 seconds, then attack move at your attackers. Then move away for another 1.5 seconds, and attack move at them. This will effectively make your Marauders do as much damage as possible, without taking any damage in return.

Another way to kite is to split your ranged units apart from each other to make melee units choose which group to engage. For example, in a head to head fight 1 Zealot would easily take out 2 Marines. But if you micro the Marines apart from each other, and run away from the Zealot with 1 Marine while the other fires you can beat the Zealot with no losses at all.


Good positioning is very important when going up against units that do splash damage. For example, if you have a group of Marauders & Marines that get attacked by a group of Banelings, you want to get those Marauders out front quick to absorb the splash damage.

Basically you need to think of all your units and what strengths they have, then put them in the best position possible to do the most damage. Putting your units on high ground is a great position because your enemy can't attack back unless he has vision up there.

Another example would be Ultralisks & Zerglings going against a Mech army with a lot of Siege Tanks. You'll want to send your Ultralisks in first to absorb those big Tank shots to let your massive Zergling army get up close and do a ton of damage.

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Spell Casting

Some units in Starcraft 2 have the ability to cast spells that make them much more effective in combat. To micro with spell casters it's a good idea to keep them hotkeyed separately and use their ability hotkeys.

Use the shift-casting mechanism to cast multiple spells at once at different targets. For example with Ghosts, you can EMP 3 different places by selecting your Ghosts, holding shift, pressing "E" once and clicking in 3 spots.

Other abilities like Burrow (Zerg) and Blink (Stalkers) can be used to keep your units alive as long as possible. You can burrow Roaches that are about to die so they heal up and can fight again later. Or you can Blink your Stalkers one at a time behind your army so they don't get destroyed.

This post has gotten quite long, and I apologize, but there's a lot to know about micro and unit control. To cover all the units that can be microed I could write 10 more pages!

I might do that someday, but if you're looking to learn more now, check out Shokz Strategy guide. If you're looking to learn more about the game and get better quick, it's a great place to start.

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