Starcraft 2: 5 Simple Steps to Creating a Custom Map

The StarCraft 2 Galaxy Editor (also know as the Map Editor) is a tool, provided by Blizzard, that allows anyone to create their own custom maps for StarCraft 2, or even your own unique game! In the original StarCraft game it was known as StarEdit. This version of the map editor has much more features, as we would come to expect. Just to give you an idea of what's capable, there is now a Tetris game with StarCraft 2 characters and even a version of Mario Bros racing.

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Some of the features of the StarCraft 2 Galaxy Editor are:

  • The ability to transfer World of Warcraft 3 models to SC2
  • Non-english alphabetic characters now supported
  • Support for linked maps and multiplayer campaigns
  • You can now encrypt your own maps so that other players can't take yours, modify it a little and then name it as their own
  • Create in-game triggers for your technology tree
  • Decide on what buildings can and can't produce
  • Create your own movies from the single-player game's 3D cinematics
  • The ability to remove StarCraft 2 cloaked blur effects
  • Make your own abilities, including effects and animations
  • Full support for custom races
  • Reversable upgrades by negative triggers
  • Max. StarCraft 2 Galaxy Editor map sizes remain at 256 x 256
  • You can toggle units to give them inventory carrying capabilities (as in World of Warcraft 3)
  • Ability to add day and/or night effects and also weather effects. Weather effects will be able to be control via triggers
  • Place your objects and units wherever you like; it doesn't have to be their normal environment
  • Linked maps are supported as well as multi-player games

How To Create A Custom Map

Here's 5 simple steps to creating your own custom map using the StarCraft 2 Galaxy Editor:

  1. Open a new document and specify your terrain's parameters (anything you like).
  2. Go to the Modules tab and select Triggers from the menu. Here you can modify your map's variables, resources, conditions, etc.
  3. When you're happy with your new custom map layout, go to the Layer tab (still in Terrain module of the StarCraft 2 Galaxy Editor) and use the search box to find any units you'd like to add to your terrain and move them to the right.
  4. The next step is to give your new unit abilities. To this go to the Data module and pick Unit as the data type. You'll then be able to find your newly formed unit.
  5. The final step is to decide what the requirements of your unit is going to be (if any - you can remove them all, such as the energy and research level requirements) and to assign an activation hotkey.

That's all that you need to do to create your own basic custom map using the StarCraft 2 Galaxy Editor. If you want to go in-depth and create really amazing custom maps, it's highly recommended that you get your hands on a SC2 guide.

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