Starcraft 2: A noob’s guide to Nukes

Written by Exzodium

In the original Starcraft if you made a Nuke as a Terran player, chances are that you where late into the game or you snuck it by the other player. Not saying that you never got the chance to get nukes, but getting them was a steep investment on the Terran player’s part. And the fact that you had to attach the Missile silo with the Command Center meant you had to forget about getting scan if you where wanting to rush to nukes, which was a big risk.

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However in Starcraft II the process of getting nukes have been simplified because you no longer have to sacrifice the ability to scan because all nukes are built at the Ghost Academy . All this and a reduced price of the Nukes themselves  means that you can strike terror into all who don’t have weapons of mass destruction.

My goal in this guide is to get Terran players used to the concept that they should be using Nukes in just about every game they play. First let look at the first question we should ask our selves: When should I get Nukes?


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Ideally you want to get nukes when you already have an advantage or are able to invest money in things other then your army. Straight Teching to the ghost academy is not a great idea unless your in a team match because of the pure amount of gas that is demanded for the tech, not to mention the tech for needed for ghosts so you can deliver the goods, unless your the type of guy who thinks his ghosts can cut it

Cloak was not going to help you anyway.

The second thing to keep in  mind,  is to remember that just because you already have a ghost academy, that does not mean you can't build more, the cheap price means you can keep on building nukes and still maintain a large army. Its also best to keep all your ghost Academy's on a hot key that way you can build your nukes in advance.

The last thing I want to impart to newer players is what are keys points to having  nukes as well as some of the misconceptions about them.


  • They are great for busting down a wall.
  • They can take down static defense as long as you have the sight to paint them.
  • They can kill workers instantly


  • They don't offer guaranteed kills, A person can still avoid the nuke, or can kill the ghost to cancel the nuke.
  • They require line of sight when shooting uphill, so make sure you have your scan ready.

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  1. Mayooresan says:

    My problem is I built Ghost academy and reasearched Nuke but it says no nukes in the ghost acadamy… wtf???

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