Starcraft 2: Game Hack tools and resources

While this is meant to be for Starcraft 2, many of the tools can also be used for other games as well, such as OllyDBG and the DLL Injectors.  This will get you started on game hacking, but it's not for someone who just wants to hack an rpg to get more gold or speedup.  For those, just use something like Cheat Engine.

Compiled by Dark_Mage

StarCraft II US Beta Client -

SC2 Anti-Debug -

Hex-Rays' IDA Disassembler/Debugger -
OllyDbg -
OllyAdvanced Plugin -
WinDbg (Kernal-level debugger for Windows) -
ImmDbg -

DarunGrim2 (Diffing tool, good for patch analysis) -

WireShark (Packet Analysis) -

Visual Studio eXpress -

DLL Injectors
Winject 1.7b -
lord2800's Injector -

MoPaQ Info/Editors

The following files from "C:/Program Files/StarCraft II Beta/" are known to be openable as MPQ files:
 * /
 * /Mods/Core.SC2Mod/base.SC2Assets
 * /Mods/Core.SC2Mod/Base.SC2Data
 * /Mods/Liberty.SC2Mod/Base.SC2Data
 * /Mods/LibertyMulti.SC2Mod/Base.SC2Data
 * /Mods/Core.SC2Mod/enUS.SC2Data
 * /Mods/Liberty.SC2Mod/enUS.SC2Assets
 * /Mods/Liberty.SC2Mod/enUS.SC2Data
 * /Mods/LibertyMulti.SC2Mod/enUS.SC2Data
 Included Asset Types**
 * *.css (Cascading Style Sheet)
 * *.db
 * *.dds (texture)
 * *.fx (shader)
 * *.galaxy (AIScript)
 * *.gfx (shockwave flash)
 * *.m3 (geometry? (models/scenes?)
 * *.ogg (audio)
 * *.otf (font)
 * *.png (graphic)
 * *.SC2Layout (UI layout)
 * *.ttf (font)
 * *.txt (Plain text file)
 * *.xml (Markup language file)

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Sheppard's D3D9 Wrapper (Source)

(To allow debugging)
Place the DLL in VersionsBase13891. SC2 will crash if you try to log in because the unpacking debugger is not present to allow to work. Also, if you have previously logged in and indicated that you wish to have your account name save, SC2 will crash as it will immediately try to establish a connection to To fix this, start SC2 without the wrapper, uncheck the box for saving information, and then restart SC2. In order to start REing the actual protocol used, must first be unpacked. A copy of the unpacking debugger is available [HERE].

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