Starcraft 2: Ghost First Build Order for TvT

The Ghost First opening is a Terran opening designed around using Ghosts to start a transition into a Bio build for the late game. Ghosts, while rarely used in this matchup, are a powerful unit that are very effective at holding off Marines, Marauders, Banshee and Hellions in the early game. The build is designed for use on 4 Player Maps.

While the build is still effective if the Ghost Academy is scouted, keeping it hidden will help maintain an element of surprise against many opponents. As the Ghost is very strong against early infantry, this surprise can net you a powerful opening and even a quick win. You can hide your Academy in the back of your base, behind smoke, or, if you scout an empty main base, you can hide it there.

  1. 10 - Supply Depot
  2. 11 - Refinery
  3. 12 - Barracks
  4. 15 - Marine
  5. 16 - Orbital Command
  6. 16 - Ghost Academy
  7. 16 - Tech Lab (Barracks)
  8. 18 - Ghost
  9. 21 - Refinery
  10. 21 - Barracks
  11. 22 - Marauder

Credit to qxc for this build order

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