Starcraft 2: Hiding your Entire Base, 1v1 Diamond Strategy

This is one of those rarely use strategies, that will take your enemy by complete surprise. It's simple in thought, and because of that a rarely used strategy. The player makes it work, because he essentially confounds the enemy, and makes the other player not know what to do (what to counter), nor where to go.

Joana's Legendary Starcraft 2 Strategies


One key harassment factor I want to point out in the video, is that BrokenRhythm harasses from the opposite side of where his base is. This further confounds Virgozero, as he could think that the base is on the opposite side.  Keep this in mind if you try this strategy out. Harass from the opposite side of where your base is to further confound your enemy.

Virgozero made a mistake, he should have sent out more scouts, when all the possible bases were found empty - especially as it could have helped determine not just where BrokenRhythm was, but his build strategy.


One Response to Starcraft 2: Hiding your Entire Base, 1v1 Diamond Strategy

  1. Sc2 Master says:

    This seems to be a strategy that is either used in casual play or bronze and silver leagues. I do not think it will work in gold or higher, as people usually scout multiple times.

    However I must admit that it was a funny video.

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