Starcraft 2: HMVD Terran guide

This opening establishes map control and opens opportunities for harassment with Hellions followed by Vikings. It protects against pushes with a wall and early Hellions and Marauders. Midgame involves a strong drop at the Zerg natural followed by a transition into any standard unit composition. It works best on Scrap Station due to a reliance on long rush distances and a good drop location by the natural.

Build Order:

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10 Depot
12 Barracks
13 Refinery
15 OC
15 Marine
16 Depot
17 Factory
17 Refinery
18 Reactor on Barracks (swap with Factory)
20 Depot
22 Tech Lab on Barracks
22 Hellion x 2 (pop at 5:20)
26 Starport (swap to Reactor after 4 Hellions)
30 Hellion x 2
32 Stim
32 Marauder
33 Depot
35 Viking x 2 (pop at 6:58)
Marauder x 3
Viking x 2
Dropship x 2 (pop at 8:25)
Command Center (start at 8:25)



The Hellions should be used to clear out any scouting Zerglings and take the Xel'Naga watch towers. You can poke with the Hellions as well, but losing them to Speedlings drastically undermines the effectiveness of the drop. The Vikings should take out any vulnerable Overlords.

The Drop

The drop lands between 9:00-9:20 with 4 Vikings, 4 Marauders, and 4 Hellions. Make sure your Hellions or Vikings kill anything at the Xel'Naga watch tower so you can fly straight to the natural. It is quite strong against any unit composition but Muta. Best case scenario the natural goes down, however even if the Zerg player has fast Mutas you can usually kill a large number of Drones with the Hellions.

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Because you have 1-1-1 for your production facilities, this opening can transition into any standard midgame build. Bio/Tank is one such build. To do this, while your Dropships are in flight you should throw down 2 more Barracks, an Engineering Bay, research Combat Shield, and start getting Tanks with the Factory. After your drop finishes your Command Center is complete and you can expand into standard 2 base Bio/Tank.

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